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From Monday the 23 of November 2020

Book you a personal interview with the experts of our Career Services, to receive advice and useful information to create a professional profile perfectly in line with your needs, expectations and skills!

But let’s take a closer look at in what consist a Career Individual meeting.

We can also talk about Career Coaching and it is an interview of maximum one hour in which our coaches’ direct students towards their professional career choices. 

Through the individual meeting, the Career Services specialists support the students in clarifying their work objectives and in planning a path that will accompany them towards the professional sphere in which they would like to achieve more.

In this process it is essential to identify personal strengths, so as to understand if the student goal matches with his interests and potentials. The Career Services also provides support in the drafting of an action plan that has as objective a specific choice of training aimed at finding the right job or the achievement of a position in within a working environment.

The first step during the Individual meeting will be the one of understanding what the student’s wishes are, his needs and above all to which working area he would like to move forward. At this stage it is very important to identify what is feasible and what is not and be honest about it. As we well know, objectives must always be realistic, feasible and above all it must be possible to establish timelines to reach them.

The task of our Career specialists is also to help students identify their potentials and understand how best to use them in the workplace. During this step it is necessary to find useful information for the student to help him visualize a clear picture of the working environment with specific reference to his sector of interest and the role he would like to play.

Just after this process the Career Coach will be responsible for helping the student to implement it practically, by sharing knowledges and tips about Curriculum vitae and Cover letter writing.

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