Success Stories: Zilola’s experience at FAO

A former student from our Master in International Human Resources Management, Zilola Achilova, tells us about her current position at FAO, where she works as a Talent Acquisition Consultant

Rome, July 03rd 2019,

After a brilliant career as a student in Rome Business School’s Master in International Human Resources Management, Zilola Achilova from Uzbekistan, obtained a further, remarkable achievement: a position at FAO as a Talent Acquisition Consultant. We had a pleasant talk with her about this brilliant opportunity and what it means for her.

  • Hi Zilola! Tell us about your position at FAO and your day-to-day duties at the organization.

As a Talent Acquisition Consultant in FAO, I am responsible for analyzing the current state of the Talent Acquisition and Outreach activities and make proposals for improvement. This requires having thorough discussions with the various stakeholders involved in the process, benchmarking external best practices and analyzing the market for opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of the activities.

  • What was the selection process like and how did you prepare for it?

The selection process for this position comprised of an application review, 2 interviews and checking of the references. I prepared for the selection before I applied by making sure my profile both on LinkedIn and on the FAO Career Portal were up to date and I had obtained recommendation letters from my references. I also researched a lot about the organization, its objectives and projects; and prepared a few proposals that I would implement if I were selected.

  • Why do you think FAO have selected you over other candidates?

I believe persistence, patience, preparation and being available pay off. I had started applying to FAO back in May and before I received a job offer I had interviews for 3 different positions. By the time I started the job, I was pretty familiar with the building. This didn’t demotivate me however, I ensured I kept checking on the vacancies that fit me, connected to the FAO Professionals on LinkedIn and was always up to date on the news about the Organization.

  •    What aspects of the knowledge and skills you acquired at Rome Business School would you highlight?

I would highlight resilience, commitment to self-development and networking as the key skills that RBS has helped me to develop further. It once again reminded me that you and only you are responsible for your success, so you have to be committed and take ownership. I loved the international environment of the School that makes you feel the importance and value of diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences every time you have a team project or a discussion on a particular business case.

  • You were seeking the Master in International Human Resources Management for March 2018 Intake. Tell us what some of your memories about your time at the School.

I enjoyed making new friends from all over the world. We still keep each other updated on what is going on in our lives and try to meet whenever we have a chance.

I also enjoyed the company visits. In fact, I believe the visit to FAO headquarters has played a part in keeping me motivated regardless of the fact that the process took longer than I had initially expected. It was a great opportunity to have a peek at the organization from the inside and learn more about its impact on the global hunger fight.

  • To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

I think Rome Business School is a great way for experienced professionals to extend their knowledge and get a European perspective on the matters. However, once again, don’t expect that everything will be offered to you on a silver platter. You will have to study and work hard on your networking in order to show that you are the one, who deserves further opportunities. Good luck!

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