Success Stories: Ege’s experience in the FIAT brand

Ege Aysu, from our Master in Marketing & Communications, shares interesting insights on his internship at FIAT Chrysler Automotive.

Rome, August 21st 2019,

After an enriching and intense time studying at Rome Business School Ege Aysu, a student in our Master in Marketing & Communications, was selected to undergo an internship by the big and prestigious company FIAT Chrysler Automotive. Ege kindly agreed to open up with us about this immensely educational and formative experience.

  • Hello Ege! Thanks again for agreeing to share your story with us. First of all, what position do you hold at Fiat Chrysler Automotive and what are your duties?

My position was marketing team member in the Fiat brand and I was responsible for the product section.

  • Which aspects of your day-to-day tasks would you highlight?

I usually created Excel tables to compare Fiat products with other competitors. Since I was the internship member I sometimes observe other colleagues to get experience. Moreover, I prepared presentations for new products.

  • What was the selection process like and how did you prepare for it?

FCA is one of Italy’s top companies, so HR department was selective but the master in Rome helped me to continue and progress in Italy. My master continuation satisfied company to accept me for the experience and I am glad.

  • How would you rate the international experience that you had? Would you recommend it?

I definitely recommend it because new culture and taking part in a multinational company complement each other. Therefore, the knowledge that I gained from the internship enables me to be more qualified.

  • You come from Turkey, why did you decide to study in Rome?

In the past, I used to visit Italy and it amazed me in terms of history and lifestyle. Therefore it was an ideal option since I had an Italian course at the university. Also, I preferred to utilize my Italian in working life so everything was appropriate for me.

  • Do you feel better prepared to approach the employment market?

I think that it is necessary to have an internship before entering an international business and if it is possible in a worldwide corporation then it makes people better prepared and more experienced. The education that is obtained in the master is practiced in the internship and the sum is success key.

  • To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

I would recommend other students to come to Rome Business School because the qualified instructors with the students from different parts of the world can be a good combination in terms of master atmosphere. In addition, the city is a must to visit because it is Rome. In other words, all people who focus on their career can think of this opportunity and can be proud at the end.

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