Rome Business School students at Giffoni Dream Team 2019

Six Rome Business School students took part in the groundbreaking initiative by Giffoni Innovation Hub to produce innovative solutions and projects.

Rome, August 23rd 2019

One more remarkable achievement for Rome Business School: six of our students answered the call for talents to be part of Giffoni Dream Team, a community made of young people recruited every year by Giffoni Innovation Hub, the renowned creative agency responsible for the creation of strategies, events, and formats on digital, social and cultural innovation.

Rome Business School’s students who accepted this challenge and put their potential and skills to the test created an international and multitalented team, made of:

  • Hariharan Gunasekaran, Master in Marketing and Communication
  • Kerstin Tietz, Master in Fashion Management
  • Catalina Carvajal, Master in Arts & Culture Management
  • Barbora Lukacova, Master in Arts & Culture Management
  • Akshay Bharambe, Master in Marketing and Communication
  • Hindatou Coulibaly, Master in International Human Resources Management

But what exactly is Giffoni Dream Team?

Every year an amazing team of creative and talented young people gathers to create innovative projects meant to be launched on the market of creative and cultural industries; now at its 49th edition, the initiative has proven itself a success and a chance for these gifted young men and women to create something new and amazing through teamwork, workshops and the assistance of elite mentors.

The event took part from 19 to 27 July, and, according to the words of our pupils, it was an unforgettable and enriching experience. One of them, Hariharan Gunasekaran, from our Master in Marketing and Communication, reached out to us to share his thoughts on these incredible days:

” We were a part of a project for Toyota, whose aim was to build a smart learning solution to build awareness for sustainability, which adds on to the Toyota environment challenge 2050. 
It was a great experience for me, as I had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Initially it was tough, as getting aligned to one focus with creative minds from different parts was a hard task, but in the end, we managed to overcome our difficulties and we worked every day; we worked hard every morning and enjoyed every evening, which made this experience unforgettable. 
We had the opportunity to implement relevant related data gathering as taught in the school
We produced an analysis of a website where we examined Toyota’s official study platform website and also performed content writing (we made a press release too). We also focused on implementing efficient technology for this purpose, and also created a feasibility document with a road map of 3 years to support the project. 
Personally, I learned a lot, but the most important things I learned were how to work as a team, and how to get coordinated, how to deliver a project to an international company, and also how to make use of time in an efficient way. “

We are glad and proud our students had the chance to live such a great experience and make the most of it, and we keep working hard to ensure that educational and formative experience of this kind will always be available to them.

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