Start – up Talks

The appointments with the #Start-up Talks are back!

The first appointment with the RBS4Entrepreneurship II edition will be this Friday the 19th at 11:00, with the #StartupTalk.

StartupTalks are learning moments in which we interact with different players from the startup ecosystems to get to know more about this world!

A unique opportunity to broaden your professional horizons by meeting startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors during interactive talk and Q&A sessions.

Details about the #Startuptalk:

What’s a startup? How to step from idea to startup?
With our speaker we’re going to discover what a startup really is and what are the main characteristics, as well as some best practice to transform an idea into reality.

You will get the chance to ask any question in the dedicated Q&A session.

Who is Simone Demelas?

Simone Demelas is an entrepreneur and startup mentor and advisor. He is the co-founder and former CEO of ARMNet and has been the leader organizer for #StartupWeekend in Rome since 2014. Today is a corporate innovation consultant and the director of FounderBoost Italy, working with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The talk will take place on Friday November the 19th at 11:00 Italian time, at RBS New Campus @Via Montanelli 5, & online – The event will last from 11:00 until 12:30.

Here his professional path:

Sardinian, currently based in Rome.
MSc in Natural Sciences.
GIS, and Satellite Remote Sensing expert, after working as an analyst in the GIS field decides to begin to understand how to do business and was thrown in the startup universe.
Former CEO and Co-Founder of ARMNet ( WCap 2014).
From 2018 moved to corporate innovation. He is currently a freelance workshopper helping company in their challenges and a corporate innovation consultant.
Head of startup branch for Kitzanos
Director of FoundersBoost Italy.

“There is always a different way to see things and solve problems.” Simone Demelas

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