Rome Business School – Seminar “Little Voices/9 Boxes”

The Rome Business School, in order to train the best possible managers and entrepreneurs, gives its students the chance to participate to activities aimed at their personal and development, in additional to the training on technical managerial skills and competences. One of these activities is the seminar “Little Voices/9 Boxes” held at the Rome Business School by Adam James Brooks and Amanda Jane Dear.

“LITTLE VOICES” – how the little voices in your head give you stress, have you procrastinate, avoid getting things done or anything else hindering you. This workshop is designed to lift the veil for how what we allow in to our minds, impacts directly on our thoughts, ideas, actions, feelings, emotions etc. A huge amount of which is pre-progammed and setting our course for us daily. Time to take control back of our lives and understand simple, effective techniques to re-programme our thinking and focus more on what we do want, rather than on what we don’t want, without even realising we are!

Subjects covered are:

  • Sensory drivers – creating awareness and understanding on how are senses filter our communication (in and out)
  • Conscious & Sub Conscious – Creating awareness and understanding of the 10% and 90%
  • Long Term Memory – accessing tools to stimulate the long term memory for focussing on more of what we want in our lives, enabling us to make it happen
  • Train Your Brain – learn how to begin re-programming the other 90%

“9 BOXES – The simplest & most effective tool to increase your sales”

This dynamic thought provoking session brings back old classic’s, with a few new twists.

  • Learn the psychology of selling
  • 8 Principles to aid you in building a win-win sales process
  • Simple tools to take away and implement

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