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The Rome Business School launches its new Master in Agribusiness Management

The Rome Business School is proud to announce the launch of its new Master in Agribusiness Management, expanding its educational offer and aiming at contributing to the sustainable growth of one of the most important sectors on the international stage.

In relation to agriculture, food production and related businesses, we still face unique challenges today that will likely grow in the future. Economics, affordability, safety, regulations, the environment, and population growth are all critical factors.

This new Master course is the ideal academic path for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the agro network field (production, seed and crop, harvest and stock in agriculture, market of commodities, food supply chain, food and wine business).

Through the Rome Business School’s international perspective, the programme offers an exclusive learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the top cities of the world or online. The programme’s quality teaching and networking services all contribute to make it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of farming, food production, or in the start-up agribusiness system.

The programme has a strong international dimension and enables participants to adapt to a multicultural environment, addressing multinational issues and providing a global exposure. It offers an internationally focused approach to agribusiness with a strong emphasis on the underlying skills necessary to operate in today’s specialized professions.