Rome Business School launch a new exclusive partnership in Serbia

Rome Business School is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with RBS MBA, located in Belgrade. Starting from this Spring, a new campaign had been implemented to involve more and more our services and programs dedicated to students coming from Serbia and all the surroundings, continuing our mission to make managerial training accessible and increasingly usable, aimed at improving future conditions and expectations of the students, professional and managers.

Last June 10th the RBS MBA hosted the first official event dedicated to our students, partners and companies, aimed at the promotion of the very first intake of the upcoming Executive MBA,which will be starting in Belgrade starting from next November 2021.

In the Welcome Letter addressed to the new students the Dean Antonio Ragusa stated:

“It is a privilege for us to partner with RBS MBA in Belgrade in order to be able to deliver our programs together in the territory. I am delighted to welcome the students ready to be part of our challenging and inspirational MBA program designed for the next generation of business professionals. The program was built on a vision of delivering a world-class MBA education in Serbia in partnership with Rome Business School so that students would not have to travel abroad to receive a top-tier business education. Our MBA programs prepare you to become leaders able to meet the challenges of a time of critical transition. We create opportunities and inspire students to achieve their goals in ways that will help them make their way in the world, and in turn, make that world a better place. We act on our social responsibilities and empower others to do the same through the energy and excellence of our faculty, the diversity and talent of our students, the passion of our staff, and our strong ties with the global communities we serve. I wish to our new students all the best for their educational journey and to become better managers for a better world!”

As for our shared motto “better managers for a better world”, the Executive MBA program is designed for professionals who seek general management education rather than specialization and are determined to build professional and personal skills to a top level of their competencies, together with an ethical and socially responsible mindset. The Executive MBA at RBS MBA in Belgrade offers a part-time formula with a strong regional orientation, and quality of faculty and participant profiles stimulates professional transformation journey that goes much beyond 16 teaching modules. The very first module will take place starting from November 5, 2021 scheduled soon after a Welcome Session held in Belgrade from the Dean and the International Relations Department of the Rome Business School.

RBS MBA in Belgrade will be the exclusive partner of the Rome Business School in Serbia, and by enrolling at their campus local students will have the opportunity to receive a double certificate with the Rome Business School without leaving the territory, but attending the lectures and courses offered directly at the prestigious headquarters of RBS MBA. Through this exclusive partnership with the Rome Business School, RBS MBA in Belgrade will be offering the exclusive range of post-graduate programs of the Rome Business School along with the Executive MBA. The lessons will be set up on a monthly basis with a week-end formula, as to guarantee a fluid attendance of the modules for each particular profile carried out, and Rome Business School will remain present by guaranteeing as always its support to the students, dedicating exclusive events, visits and inclusion in the RBS network.

In this perspective, the School Director Srboljub Markovic shared a very inspiring message to all the prospective students and partners to come:

“The world we live in and work is changing at a dramatic pace. The 4th industrial revolution is bringing a promise for the humankind to create sustainable environment full of potentials to all. For managers and professionals to live up to a promise of enrichment will demand acquiring new skills, continuous improvement and adaptation to change. Skills and knowledge we take from schools at an early stage, and work experience we accumulate over the years, are no longer guarantees for success in business. Leaders of today need to anticipate new trends in the industry, drive change through innovation and transform their organizations to a level of excellence.

Rome Business School in Belgrade opens its doors to the world to promote the professional development of students, middle and top managers and entrepreneurs, to whom it provides top level competencies, together with an ethical and socially responsible mindset. We have an exciting plan to energize a regional learning community with lecturers, company trainers, consultants, managers and entrepreneurs chosen because of their proven corporate experience and skills.

We will measure our progress by the degree to which we create opportunities for economic and personal growth, through the involvement of all its students, teachers, alumni, partners and friends.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcoming you to our Executive MBA program!”

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