Rome Business School Career Fair. More than 20 top companies including Deloitte, Coca-Cola, Adecco, Aon, Manpower, together to drive students in the job market

Rome Business School is pleased to announce its Career Fair (17 – 18 – 19 November) 2021. An event organized to support students in the beginning of their career path or in the search for new job opportunities, offering placement possibilities in companies and multinationals operating all over the world.

With the Career Fair, Rome Business School aims to build a better future by offering students and graduates job opportunities on a national and international level through three days of masterclasses and workshops, meetings and interviews with important companies and organizations, webinars and networking. Gaining a full understanding of current international recruiting procedures as well as offering a global view of current and future hiring trends within the corporate world.

The event took place in two modes: live streaming and on campus to give to more than 1150 students the opportunity to attend master classes and workshops, webinars and meetings, interviews, review and direct CV collection, provide students with tools, knowledge and tips to boost their career.

Over 1150 students and 24 companies took part in this first edition of the 2021 Fair, including Adecco, Vodafone, Deloitte, Coca Cola HBC, Leroy Merlin, GI Group, Eataly, Oracle, EY, HAYS, Digital Angels, Manpower Group and Blue Ocean Finance, who in addition to interviewing students, joined the Rome Business School’s team of experts to give advice on how to improve your CV, how to excel in a job interview and how to build a successful career.

The Fair has been a succeeding of workshops, webinars and interviews focused on the variety of career orientation and career evolution trends, their future developments, on how to build a smarter professional profile and be truly effective when approaching the current career market, reiterating the importance of Soft Skills.

Alessandro Ferrario, Talent Attraction and Academic Partnerships at the Adecco Group, affirms: “Today more jobs are created thanks to artificial intelligence and automation. In perspective, cognitive skills will be the most valuable asset in the evaluation of candidates. Problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, digital and soft skills such as leadership and communication, will be the most requested skills, and they are all linked to human capital “.

Thanks to the significant growth that the School has had in 2021 (+ 60%), students now have the opportunity to get in touch with + 60% of the companies, compared to last year, especially in the field of luxury and leading companies such as Gucci, Bulgari, Vodafone, Sony, Ferrari and Accenture. So far, the students have had over 400 interviews with the School’s partner companies and a placement rate of 96% has been achieved. For Vittorio Carparelli, HR Market Director of American Express, winner of the Best Recruiter RBS 2021 award: “the good experience with Rome Business School confirmed American Express’s commitment and openness to an innovative and stimulating culture in line with our corporate values, in a multicultural university reality like that of RBS “.

Rome Business School offers multiple opportunities to students to enter the job market with confidence and security. Through the Career Services, available throughout the year, students are closely followed by the School to build an highly professional profile to be offered to the various partner companies. Through this path, students have access to a platform to get in touch with companies and follow a training and consultancy path that leads to the final interview. As defined by Florinda Orsini, Head of Career Services at RBS: “with the Career Acceleration Process, we offer guidance, professional development and assessment services, we help each student to identify employment and career goals and to focus on their talents as accurately as possible. With it we offer one-to-one career guidance services, workshops & masterclasses on career development, helping each student to improve the awareness of their skills, defining and refining their professional goals as well as the production of innovative curricular material.

Through the use of the Career Accelerator program, students have the opportunity to transform the theoretically of their academic learnings into practical skills and access through networking events to our multinational partner companies and placement opportunities.

Another path that students can choose within the School is the RBS4Entrepreneurship path, which supports and accompanies the development of innovative start-ups in many areas. Currently, looking at the numbers, 20% of RBS graduates are entrepreneurs and 50% of the start-ups created are located in Europe, a major contributor to the region’s economic recovery.

The sectors where RBS students are mainly involved are Marketing and Sales, General Management, Consulting and Human Resources. Thanks to the high quality training offered by Rome Business School, the multiple partner companies and the Career Services, to date 84% of students have improved their position in their company and 74% have seen an increase in remuneration of over 20%. Graduates who found work in Italy saw a 76% salary increase, an impressive result despite the pandemic and MBA graduates saw an average increase in salary growth of over € 10,000 one year after their graduation.

RBS is constantly looking for new business partners to expand the opportunities of its students and thus confirm itself as a point of reference at national level for placement. For 2022, the School aims to raise the placement rate to 98%, offer innovative and globally relevant career orientation programs with a particular focus on expanding its leadership internationally, ensuring to highlight a minimum of 5 job offers of placement with major companies to each Student.

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