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Rome Business School - Career Fair 2021

RBS Career Fair is an on campus & virtual Career Fair created to support students in beginning their career journey or looking for new opportunities, providing faster placement opportunities. With RBS Talent Focus we build a better future by providing national & international job opportunities, masterclasses & Workshops, career assessments and a virtual career platform available worldwide.

Career Fairs serve as an opportunity for students and alumni to begin investigating their future careers, exercise their interviewing skills, and gain valuable work experience with various companies and organizations.

6 Reason Why, to attend the Career Fair

The first time you walk up to a potential employer, you will feel a bit nervous. For some, it may be the hardest thing they have ever done. Getting comfortable with the job fair will allow you to work through the nervousness and move towards presenting a confident person. It will give you a chance to practice your elevator speech and follow-up skills.

Learning how to present your professional side. Each time you approach a recruiter, you get more comfortable presenting yourself in a professional manner and a career fair is a great place to practice that.

Open up job options. You can learn what types of jobs they offer and if they have any internships available. Meeting with recruiters offers you a chance to ask questions and expand your knowledge about a potential employer.

Networking opportunities. A professional network is critical for finding a good job. It also opens up other opportunities that may not be obvious immediately. You will end the career fair with a contact who can help you find a job down the road.

Landing a job or internship and remember the more contacts you make, the more opportunities you will have to land a job or internship.

Brush up on your skills. Most job fairs at colleges offer more than just the opportunity to meet with recruiters. Many of them offer seminars and lectures on how to land a job. You can get help brushing up your resume. You can learn new interview skills!

Rome Business School
Career Fair – How it works

WHAT RBS Talent 2021 will be held from the 17th to the 19th of November 2021 involving a hybrid format that combined online and on-site activities that includes:

  • 2 Career Accelerator Talks with Premium CEO Guest
  • RBS4Entrepreneurship Talk with Premium Entrepreneur + RBS Research Center presentation on Entrepreneurial trends
  • Career Accelerator Workshops
  • Assessment Center Masterclass
  • Career Services Evangelists mock interview speed date session (ONLINE)
  • Webinars

We will provide our students with a specific focus “Career Bootcamp” where they can find different professional development activities, around 45 possible interviews and the opportunity to discuss directly with Partners and Guests.

WHERE: To the Rome Business School’s Campus located in Via Giuseppe Montanelli 5, Roma and Online through a Virtual Conference Room (EFMD).

WHEN: 17.11.21 to 18.11.21 h14.30 to 19.00 and 19.11.21 all day 10.00 – 18.30.

HOW: Blended delivery OC/OL – Virtual Conference Room & Congress Room arranged with Stands & speed interview tables.