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Rome Business School in support to its international partners during the COVID19 emergency

While the global emergency is evolving, we are asked to temporarily change our habits and our way of life, but Rome Business School, like many other activities across the country, has not stopped. This is the time to reinvent ourselves and use, among our resources, the most functional ones to face and successfully overcome, through education, this period of difficulties. With the use of modern and innovating technological tools for online training we are maintaining and strengthening our connections with our partners.

“Better Managers for a Better world” is our motto and our goal, we do not stop in front of difficulties but instead we challenge them and with determination find solutions to win..

Rome Business School is not limited to our Italian campus but shares the same values ​​with all the partners that are part of our International network. Precisely for this reason we are active in supporting all the institutions which we are partnered with, ensuring flawless functioning and management of online networks and communication platforms, necessary to ensure continuity in the performance of educational activities and career services.

Everything moves ahead for Rome Business School thanks to our online learning channels. A teaching method that we have always used especially in the management of the international student networks.

“Our priority and responsibility in the face of an extended lockdown across various territories and differentcontinents was immediately to be present, as a Business School and as a reliable partner, in all territories. Sharing our know-how is essential, and fundamental is the ability to reach out to different educational and social contexts ”  

Says our International Relations coordinator, Eleonora Mantovani.

We want to ensure that all the educational activities related to our Masters and MBA programs will be successfully carried out through online modes, finding a consistent positive response from all our students, even the many recent participants to our online Welcome Week activities. 

The same educational model has been applied to all our international partners, even in those countries where the interactive media facilities need a more extensive application and in some cases approaching to the virtuallearning platforms for the very first time, for example:

In Myanmar we supported our partner WEBS College in continuing the MBA educational activities through the moodle VLE platform, their last session began on March 1st in the very middle of the emergency and at the same time, continued offering our online courses in this area;

NigeriaMore than 80 new students enrolled in the March 2020 classes are preparing to switch to interactive lessons from home, for the first time, possible thanks to the use of the latest generation of virtual communication platforms such as ZOOM;

Damascus, Syria. The first edition of the online MBA and the online Master in Political Marketing, will be launched through our partner MHR Group International, starting from the 10th of April 2020, with an opening introductory lesson, virtually held, by our Dean Antonio Ragusa.

These, like many others, are just some examples of the interactive communication activities that we areimplementing during these days.  Watching them successfully implemented concretizes our theory of how the union of forces and means generates a multitude of models and solutions which our students and operators will certainly benefit from. Rome Business School has currently several international partners through which students have access to recognized qualifications: Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, India, Syria, Belarus, France, Myanmar.

“The joint coordination that is taking place between the various partners is therefore not only a sign of continuous internationalization and integration, but above all of hope and tenacity towards a right attitude, responsibility towards their students and a shared mission , or that of continuing to provide a high quality service to everyone, without exception, without stopping and guaranteeing everyone the maximum educational outcomes protected from current external risks. Giving the possibility even to those who cannot move, in normal and emergency times, to access and be able to complete a course of study that will open new professional and work opportunities in the future, is our main objective and we will work day after day in order to continue making it.”

Eleonora Mantovani, coordinator of International Relations.