Rome Business School launch a new course in Digital Customer Service Management

Social networks and digital channels have changed customer behaviors, raising their expectations dramatically. They want to have conversations with brands via social networks, instant messaging and chat apps and expect fast and effective resolutions to their issues. Consequently, time and effort have become the two main drivers by which customers measure a brand’s ability to deliver great… or bad experiences. Service is indeed the new battlefield on which customer loyalty needs to be won. For brands, this is a challenge but also a unique opportunity to transform customer service from an after-sales unit into a profit center.

This is why Rome Business School presented a new High Specialization Course in Digital Customer Service Management, to build and train ‘Digital Customer Service Managers’ — brand new professionals with the digital skills needed to increase customer loyalty and advocacy, gaining customer productivity and taking advantage of digital channels to lower the average cost per interaction. The key is to seamlessly integrate digital channels while properly training staff members, which implies handling a set of processes and disciplines known as digital customer service. Although more and more brands are investing in it, those that have been successful have been able to consistently measure and control every step of this digital itinerary. This executive course will enable you to smoothly manage this crucial transformation of your customer service and, ultimately, of your whole business.

In line with the Rome Business School’s general approach and the best international standards, the course is designed with the aim of providing excellent training with an emphasis to its concrete application in the job, professional and company markets.

The teacher Paolo Fabrizio is a customer service pioneer. In the ’90s he took part at the start-up of the first online insurance company in Italy. In 2013 he launched Social Media Scrum, the leading digital customer service blog / podcast. Consultant, trainer and author, in 2015 he wrote the first italian book on Social Customer Service. Paolo Fabrizio is also a keynote speaker at customer service events in Italy and abroad.

The Digital Customer Service Management Course is divided into five sections including classroom lessons, exercises, case studies presentation and company testimonials. Its duration is 6 weeks (one lesson a week) and it can be attended in two learning options, On campus in Rome or Online with live lectures.

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