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Registration to the Rome Business School International Bootcamps are open!

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Hone your entrepreneurial skills and test them with the ultimate challenge: Rome Business School’s exclusive Bootcamps in Silicon Valley (in partnership with La Storia nel Futuro Association), Paris (in partnership with Sup de Luxe), Rome, Barcelona (in partnership with EAE Business School), Tuscany (in partnership with Castello Volognano), Doha (in partnership with Al Rayyan International University) and Lagos (in partnership with Rome Business School Nigeria), seven beautiful cities and destinations at the forefront of innovation and among the most productive startup ecosystems.

Take an advanced international program designed to put you in realistic business scenarios to solve and provide you  with a practical way of learning and skills development, all with  the professional support of tutors from top-class companies!

During the full week you will experience an intensive and fully immersive business experience, facing challenges, dealing with  managers, international students and lecturers, and creating your own project  that will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp Experience.


Why Silicon Valley

August 07 – August 12, 2023

Change your life forever: discover where the World  Technology was born and grown. Boost your network and share your business ideas with high level managers, start-ups incubators and venture capitalists.

“The Silicon Valley Bootcamp has been an incredible opportunity  to meet so many smart, talented and kind people. Both the  dynamics in our group – bouncing ideas, pitching to each other  project, and also the talks by experienced valley brains will remain a great memory and a foundation for future endeavors”.

Alexandrina Pankovska | International MBA

Companies involved include: Meta, Cisco, VMWare, Berkeley

Why Doha Bootcamp

November 05 – November 10, 2023

Discover and develop unique opportunities to grow in a dynamic  environment with a traditional yet modern approach to business. Learn about Middle East Business Enviroment and develop your project in the city of the FIFA World Cup 2022.


Why Tuscany Bootcamp

August 28 – September 01, 2023

Experience Italy through a native person’s perspective  by a cultural exploration and understanding of not only the process of winemaking, but mostly  the convivial importance of food and wine.

“I am overwhelmed by how much I’m learning and my mind  is expanding. Not just from the technical aspects of how  how different wines are made and processed, and what a consortium does, but also listening to other students’ – from different parts of the world – perspectives on food, beverage and culture and what brings them to Tuscany”.

Ching-Mei Chen | International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Companies Involved: Catello di Volognano, Il Borro, Salcheto

international bootcamp in tuscany

Why Barcelona Bootcamp

September 04 – September 09, 2023

Develop a completely new business idea through the Google  Ventures Methodology: The Design Sprint.  Discover how innovation is leading the change of the global market and challenge your entrepreneurial projects to become real.

“It has been a very enriching experience, we’ve learned a lot  we’ve gone from the theory part to actually work on teams and  coming up with a solution to a problem that was presented to us. It has bee a great experience to work with different  people, get to know new people you don’t usually know at school, working with people from different background and cultures, get to know different ideas, listen to each other and  arrive to a good solution at the end with everyone’s input”.

Fernanda Cantu Llantada | Global Master in Marketing & Sales

Companies Involved: Opinno, Desigual and more


Why Paris Bootcamp

July 3 July 8, 2023

Immerse yourself in the capital of fashion and luxury and live the real business behind it. Learn how to combine management and creation in the industry from the fashion world to be applied to all types of companies.

Companies Involved: Cartier, Dior, La Samaritaine


Why Rome

July 31 Aug 05, 2023

Join the biggest international event at Rome Business School and challenge yoursefl: meet professionals from all around the world and mix together contents and sectors to become a  leader in the strategy of your current or future company.

“I decided to come as I want to progress my career into leadership  so that’s why I decided to come. So, there’s been lots of  teamworking skills happening here, which is really great to take into  any role you’re going to go in the future. Also, my particular favorite  so far has been the corporate social responsibility. I work in social  media, so that’s something that’s really important for my job role  and any job roles that I will have in the future as well. Meeting new people, seeing new sights. It’s been a great experience”.

Lucie Simon | Master in Digital Marketing at Teesside University, partner institute.

Companies: Canon, Carrefour, Oracle, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato

Why Lagos

September 11 – September 16, 2023

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to do busines and generate growth as a socially responsible  leader. Discover the giant of Africa and the leading business of Nigeria by applying your knowledge in the enviroment of emering markets.

Companies: Airtel, Lafarge, Olam




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