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#ExperienceRBS: "What convinced me to enroll is the vision of Better Managers for a Better World". 


We met with Giuseppina Cacciotti, Rome Business School student of the Master in HR & Organization in occasion of the completion of her Capstone Project; the final project in which students solve a challenge involving a top company in their industry, while working together in a group.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Giuseppina Cacciotti, and I was born in Italy in 1989. I have been living in Lisbon since 2019 and working since January 2020 in the recruitment industry.

I fell in love with this industry because I was lucky to meet the manager in which I started my first experience as a recruiter: she is a strong woman with great professional and human values.

Why did you choose Rome Business School?

At a certain point, looking to enrich my academic background, I decided to find a place where I could build new knowledge, although not just that: I wanted to grow professionally in a school where the importance of “soft skills” was a core value.

Therefore, looking through the thousands of proposals online, I found Rome Business School: it was November 2020.  What convinced me to enroll in the “Master of HR & Organization” in January 2021? Simply their motto: “Better Manager for a Better World”.

Then, in April 2021, I started the courses, and with a small multicultural class group, we delivered the Capstone project on the 24th of February 2022.

What did the Capstone Project teach you?

The capstone taught me the importance of determination: building a “project” doesn’t just mean using technical knowledge, but it mainly means having a strong desire to see a dream come true. It means seeing something that wasn’t concrete becomes accurate. Real.

Doubtless, I loved my work for this project because I connected with reality for the first time in my academic career: statistical data, detailed research, concrete goals. Moreover, because it was a topic related to my motherland, which is full of beauty and uniqueness.

Furthermore, in the capstone, I was the “main character” of the project! In fact, with the tools provided during the classes, I had a chance to really apply what I learned.

The same as when you watch a video on YouTube for making cakes: you see the ingredients, what you need, the steps. Nice video, nice cake… but only when you make it, only when it’s ready, only when you taste it, are you satisfied with YOUR WORK and YOUR RESULT.

However, the hardest part was creating the team. I was designated team leader, and that was a huge responsibility. I learned that in order to have a good outcome with one project, you have to empathize with all the participants, but at the same time, you have to be committed to the required outcome. So, this was my approach to overcoming the problem: the achievement of a common goal.

What is Rome Business School leaving you with?

If people asked me what RBS meant to me, I would describe it all in one way: the persistent desire to improve myself. 

Working and studying, studying in another language, having 0 knowledge on some topics, online course, Pandemic, facing different cultures, but I did it in the end!

In addition, I appreciated the starting course on “Time Management”, the lessons on “Digital Marketing”, the module on “Talent Management”, the one on “Employee Relations” and the one I followed with the greatest passion on “Trends, Future Challenges & Innovative practices in HR”. The last module was crucial: Professor Gloria Meneghini brings us together as a group, as professionals, and as human beings. I thank her most sincerely because she allowed me to see the face of Professionalism with a capital P.

Nowadays, it is important to have models which you can recognize yourself and want to follow because you have a shared aim: a Better World.

What about your career goals?

Now I want to grow professionally in the world of human resources. That means everything to me: building connections, providing opportunities, hope, and seeing the dreams of businesses that invest in human talent come true.

What would you say to your pre-master self and what advice would you give fellow students?

1) Focus on your goal: this is the path you have chosen for yourself, in which you must believe.

2) Never think that you are not good enough: you can contribute with your uniqueness. Even if you are tired, even if you doubt you can’t do it, you have to believe in all the lovely things you can learn and the incredible people (professors and colleagues) you can have the chance to meet. You can only enrich your background!

3) Betters manager for a better world: never forget why you chose them!