RBS’ Impact: September

81 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in September in companies such as Accenture, Lacoste, Medici Senza Frontiere, Danone, PWC

This Blog news explains the results of the Career Services and Entrepreneurship activity carried out during the month of September. In total, 81 of our students were placed. Moreover, our students this last month had the opportunities to take part to:

  • 3 Company meetings (Puma, Heineken, Luisa Via Roma)
  • 2 Fair Employability Workshops (Medici Senza Frontiere, GRLS)
  • 2 Act Workshops (Google, Hays)
  • 1 Engage Workshop (Michael Page)
  • 3 Company visits (Oracle, KPMG, Oceans Fluid Thinking)
  • 2 Virtual Coffee (IBM)

The Career Services help RBS Students to be ready to enter the job market, developing the right knowledge, providing the market insights and tools that they need to pursue a successful career in a specific industry. With the support of the Career Service the student can define the career path, develop a strategy, hone the self presentation skills, and sharpen the CV. Moreover, through the Career Services students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and presence optimization. It provides everything the student needs to fulfil the aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them. You can learn more about our Career Services and our Masters here

Now thanks to RBS partners and the Career Services, 81 of our students have the opportunities to continue develop their skills, to put competences in practice and the possibility to growth professionally in companies such as: Hays, Max Mara, Medici Senza Frontiere, FAO, Accenture, American Express, Lacoste, KPMG, Danone, PWC, Endemol Shine Group, Rinascente, Hilton, Adecco, Digital Angels.

Meet the students: discover their path and follow their advice!

Daria D., now Intern at Gi Group

Daria D., student of the Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane, said that the Career Fair gave her the opportunity to meet the company where she is now working for. After the Career Fair Gi Group called her for an interview opportunity, and she got the internship!

At a certain point in my personal and professional life I decide to change direction and take a new path thus enrolling in a Master’s program in HR; a choice made with doubts and perplexity about my professional relocation at my age in a field where I had no experience. My idea was geared toward a Master’s degree that would give me theoretical tools but above all would give me the opportunity to gain practical work experience, which was crucial for me. It is thus that by evaluating various factors and the presence of the career service, my choice fell on the Rome Business School.

Right away, I start attending in-person classes to live this experience 100%, both from a professional point of view and from a human relations point of view. It is in fact a path that on both sides is enriching me.

In June I participate in the career fair day, where I would have had the opportunity to meet so many companies. I remember that day I was excited because it was a whole new world for me but I wanted to make the most of that opportunity and so I put myself out there by doing interviews with different companies, including Gi Group. It was from this one that, towards the end of July, I got a phone call asking me if I was available for an interview with them to start an internship. The position would have been within Gi Group, in the Amazon team. I would have handled the selection process and I would also have had the opportunity to participate in the administrative management of the staff.

I do the interview, they inform me that they have chosen me, and in a few days I move to Rome to start this new adventure. To date, it is a month since I started and I am happy and excited. I really have a lot to learn, but it does not scare me also because the team I am in is always extremely helpful.

I know the road is very long, but I want to give it my all to build my future work in human resources.

The only thing that to date I can tell myself and tell others is to never stop believing, even when everything seems black and without a way out, to always persevere because the light will come and an opportunity to be seized.

Robison G., now Intern at Hotel Sheraton Parco de Medici

Robison G., student of the Master in Food and Beverage Management, told us about the learning path with RBS, what he experienced and what got from the professional and human point of view.

I feel very happy to have achieved my first work experience in Italy, in one of the main hotel chains in the world, my first month of internship at the Hotel Sheraton Parco de Medici has allowed me to see the day-to-day management of the food and beverage area of the hotel.

How is the organization, what positions are required, what competencies and skills must be had to be able to direct this department that has multiple processes and movement due to the guests and events that take place in its different rooms.

In the competitive world in which we live the most important thing today are our soft skills and it is where RBS trains us, carrying out many classes and workshops.

I chose to study my postgraduate degree at RBS because it is a prestigious business school in Europe, which has agreements with the main companies of this country and belongs to one of the most important economic groups in Italy, also RBS has excellent Professors with a lot of experience, here you study with classmates from different parts of the world, all classes are taught in English, you learn new experiences from professionals from all over the world.

At this stage of my life, I hope to continue training and learning from the world of food and beverage, this is my third master’s degree that I am studying, and I would like to become a director or Manager here in Europe.

The advice I can give to my colleagues is to be persevering in the search for a job opportunity, learn Italian and follow all the recommendations that CS gives us, I want to thank in a special way Federica Albanese who was always there guiding me from how to do the CV to how to pass the interviews.

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