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RBS’ Impact: June 2024

92 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in June in companies such as Pirelli, Louis Vuitton, Enel

This Blog news explains the results of the Career Center and Entrepreneurship activity carried out during the month of June. In total, 92 of our students were placed having a professional impact. Moreover, our students this last month had the opportunities to take part to:

  • 6 Build Workshops (Unilever, Microsoft, Google, BPER Banca, Hays, Deloitte)
  • 1 Company Meeting (Leroy Merlin)
  • 1 Career Mover Activity (Gartner)
  • 1 Indie Workshop (Skill up)
  • 1 Career Fair (Acea, Adecco, Alkemy, Amex, Autostrade per l’Italia, Be Management Consulting, Blue Ocean Finance, Brioni, Brunswick Group, Bulgari Hotel Roma, Burberry, Caffeina, Camomilla, Canon, Carrefour, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Cerba HealthCare Italia, Compliance & Risk Alliance Group, Assicurazioni & ConTe Prestiti, Contrader, Crédit Agricole Italia, Cross Border Tales, doValue, Engineering, Ettore Fieramosca, Family Twist, Fastweb, Federazione Italiana Pesistica, Ferenergy, Fineco Bank, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Fondazione Musica per Roma, Gartner, Gi Group, Greening Italy, Gruppo BCC Iccrea, Gruppo Hera, H501, Haier Europe, Hays, Human Value, IBM Italia, INTERSOS, Jobel, Key partners, LEO Pharma, Leroy Merlin, L’Oréal Italia, Luisa via Roma, Lungarno Alberghi, Maisons du Monde Italia, Maje, Manpower, Medici Senza Frontiere, Medina Art Gallery, Michael Page, Microsoft, MioDottore, MM Productions, MyLime, NHAZCA, Ni-Cons Consulting, NTT DATA, Open Fiber, Opinno, OTB, Page Personnel Italia, Place & People Hub, Poste Italiane, RANDSTAD ITALIA, Renault Group, Rocco Forte Hotels, Save the Children, Seedble, Sheraton Parco de Medici Rome Hotel, Six Senses Rome, Soho House Rome, SQUP, Startalia, Steris, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Tim spa, Toyota Motor Italia, Unilever, Valori, W Rome – Marriott, Yourgroup).

The Career Center help RBS Students to be ready to enter the job market, developing the right knowledge, providing the market insights and tools that they need to pursue a successful career in a specific industry. With the support of the Career Service the student can define the career path, develop a strategy, hone the self presentation skills, and sharpen the CV. Moreover, through the Career Center students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and presence optimization. It provides everything the student needs to fulfil the aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them. You can learn more about our Career Center and our Masters.

Now thanks to RBS partners and the Career Center, 92 of our students have the opportunities to continue develop their skills, to put competences in practice and the possibility to growth professionally in companies such as: BNL, Euronix, BPER Banca, Louis Vuitton, Pirelli, BIP, Credit Suisse, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, DHL, Green Rock, Teatro Scala, Rinascente, Hays, Autostrade per l’Italia, The Ritz-Carlton, Ge Aerospace, Iveco Group, Bottega Veneta, Enel.


Meet the students: discover their path and follow their advice!

Eleonora Spagnolo Capezzuto – Brand Image & Communication at Liu Jo

Eleonora, student of the Global Fashion and Luxury Management, explained how has been life changing to enter Rome Business School, for the whole experience and the job she is doing right now.

Tell us about yourself: what has your pre, during, and post-master’s degree journey brought you to where you are today?

I wouldn’t consider my story an ideal example to follow. It’s only recently that I understood what I truly wanted to do. I always knew who I was and what I was meant for, but I struggled to make it concrete in terms of jobs and studies. I changed university paths frequently—starting with economics, then taking a break to study music—and finally completing my studies in digital cultures and communication.

A pivotal moment was the internship I did after my Master’s in Fashion and Luxury Management, which I secured thank to the Career Fair. Entering the job market in such a serious manner made me realize what I genuinely wanted to do and where I wanted to be. This led me to solidify my career as a creative director, and today, I’m very happy with it.

What are the most important skills you acquired at RBS, which ones do you need to work on the most, and which ones are essential in the world of work today?

On a practical level, RBS provided me with extensive business knowledge, and it was gratifying to integrate this business-fashion expertise with the basic concepts I learned at university. I have broadened my knowledge comprehensively. One area I definitely need to improve is digital marketing, including PAID ADV, Meta, targeting, and related aspects.

Beyond the technical skills, the most valuable takeaway from RBS is the human capital: today, I have fantastic friends and unforgettable memories, especially those shared with people from all over the world in Paris during the bootcamp. I would gladly go back to that time.

Why did you decide to join RBS, and what did the master’s program give you in terms of skills, competencies, meetings with companies, and experiences?

As mentioned earlier, RBS provided me with a comprehensive education. I chose this path because RBS offered a wider range of programs and a study curriculum that appealed to me more, particularly with its emphasis on creative aspects. Additionally, the bootcamp was a significant benefit, allowing us to integrate our knowledge through engaging projects and enriching our personal growth. This experience was invaluable as we, coming from diverse backgrounds, shared parts of our cultures and experiences with one another. I even learned Portuguese!

What do you want to focus on in your work experience today, and what is your career goal?

Right now, my main focus is writing. Since childhood, I’ve always been an avid writer, initially creating music and stories. Today, I’ve realized that my numerous stories and magical worlds can be integrated into fashion, leading me to become a copywriter and creative director. I’ve directed many editorials, crafting the artistic direction, and managed significant campaigns for Blugirl and Miss Blumarine during my internship. I’ve also handled press and social media copy. In short, I’ve accomplished many things that make me feel fulfilled. I am continuously refining my artistic identity and acquiring more practical skills, both on and off set. My goal is to become a successful freelancer, and I am working towards it step by step.

Give 3 pieces of advice to your fellow students to get a career opportunity like yours.

I’m not offering three pieces of advice, just one that holds the weight of ten: “non ti disunire mai” (never disunite yourself). Be yourself and don’t worry about conforming to timelines. When I started my Master, I thought I had wasted a lot of time due to indecision. I was anxious that I hadn’t done enough or anything useful – but trust me, it’s not like that – it’s just paranoia. Everything I’ve done has only helped me have an even stronger and more developed personality, which has helped me a lot to fend off setbacks and make an impact on the people I worked with. It’s important to never lose sight of yourself. Always work on yourself regardless of studies, degrees, or various nonsense – put yourself at the center, be eager to learn and try thousands of things. Experiment, even if you don’t feel it’s the right time. Time is a social construct – you are perfectly in time to do everything – in your own time.

What did you like the most about RBS Career Fair?

What I liked most about the Career Fair was the genuine human interaction. The HR representatives, young professionals like us, engaged with us informally, creating a relaxed atmosphere that eased any nervousness during the job interviews. This certainly allowed us to be more relaxed and less embarrassed, which is crucial during a job interview. Additionally, since it was a kind of open interview, not for any specific position, you have the freedom to talk about yourself openly, which I believe is also important. You can share your experiences in a comprehensive manner and discuss what you think is the best fit for you, your job expectations, and position aspirations. In short, vis a vis interaction is always better!

Why was the Career Fair important for you?

It was important to me because it was kind of my launching trampoline. I was about to leave when a friend of mine encouraged me to wait a bit longer in line, so I waited and then left my resume with Liu-Jo, almost as a joke. However, I was called back by the company for Blugirl and Miss Blumarine, and I started my career journey. It was tough at the beginning, but I had a wonderful boss, an extraordinary woman who allowed me to learn a lot. Moreover, this experience significantly bolstered my resume!