RBS and Gruppo Pragma

With the students of the Master in Project Management we met today the components of the PRAGMA GROUP Team, a leading company in the area on the provision of Corporate Digital Learning.

The focus of the Pragma Group is on learning and knowledge sharing.

The group provides customized digital solutions to companies, with attention to the quality and sustainability of projects. Areas of work: Corporate Digital Learning, e.coaching, virtual tutoring, social intranet, user assistance.

Pragma Group develop solutions in different languages ​​Italian, English, French, German with a deep attention to company culture, business systems and organizational processes. The team’s multidisciplinary skills combine humanities training, business experience and technological knowledge.

Pragma Group began in Rome in the 1980s from the idea of ​​three young entrepreneurs, as a company that offers training and business consultancy, then also moving to the rest of Italy and abroad. Learning, always learning. Facing what is not yet known. Never stop changing and learning. This is what Corporate Digital Learning is for and it is precisely on this Group that Pragma builds its business culture.

A bit like our students, that every – day faces challenges to build their own path!

Be a greater Leader.

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