RBS Alumni Léon Doungala hired at the Italian Stock Exchange

Léon Doungala is a RBS Alumni of the Master in Data Science who was recently hired at the Italian stock exchange as a Data Scientist. We met with him to learn about his story.

What brought you to Rome Business School?

I found in this school the right Business School where to study in order to get rid of my organizational concerns because the master classes were held in the evening, therefore after my working day. It was a great personal challenge, difficult and challenging, but today I am satisfied.

Towards the end of the master’s program, I decided to continue my career in the data world, but with a hybrid profile. Recently, I obtained at BORSA ITALIANA S.P.A of EURONEXT GROUP the position of Associate Junior Data Scientist, entering as Technical Analyst. They put their trust in me and I will do everything to achieve every single goal that will be given to me, it is a great satisfaction, but also the beginning of a new life.

What are the most important skills you acquired at RBS, which ones do you need to work on the most and which ones should you focus on, which are fundamental in today’s working world?

At RBS we had a good training plan I would say, suitable to start a career in data science, starting with a set of modules on Managerial skills. Then there were the more technical ones just in Data Science, Big Data, Machine learning, Python , Data science workflow, Data Management & Data Visualization , Data Presentation & Presentation Techniques (PowerBi, Tableau).

I had to and must continue to acquire technical skills to know how to respond to the demands of the job market and my company where I work now, and stay up to date with the technological evolution of the industry, now in continuous growth.

Why did you decide to join RBS, what did the master give you in terms of skills, competencies, meetings with companies and experiences?

I was looking for a serious and valuable international environment, which would allow me to have a study program suited to my full-time work rhythm. And that offered a double competence: both Managerial and in Data science, that would give a new boost to my career. I discovered and saw all these things in RBS.

In addition to technical-managerial knowledge, the master gave me a lot of soft skills, which is a fundamental aspect in the working world.

By participating in meetings with important companies and market leaders in the field of Data Technology and Artificial

Artificial Intelligence like Oracle, Microsoft, I had the opportunity to touch and get insights on new technologies and their vision for the future.

What do you want to focus on in your work experience today and what is your career goal?

My career goal is to get to the highest level possible and also have a real impact on the lives of others with technology and be able to pass on my knowledge and what I have learned to others. There is still a long way to go, I am young I need to learn as I go and grow. My big success would be to be able to give other orphans in Africa like me the chance to continue their higher education studies. That will also be a great career success for me.

Give 3 pieces of advice to your fellow students to get like you a career opportunity

– Never quitting is a skill. You need to know what you want to do and what your goal is for the future. It will help you make your way with clear goals, studying will become fun even if it is hard. Flunking exams many times does not reflect low intelligence. It is a tool to improve yourself and encourage you to never give up! It will definitely help you later on.

-Have a clear goal for the future and learn how to sell yourself, then you will be serious in what you do you will get an adequate result. Don’t think you are worse than others and that you don’t deserve some opportunities, learn to highlight what you know and what you want to do or learn with conviction, that is a quality that in my opinion surpasses the level of study.

– IQ is not enough, you have to improve your soft skills: to be hired by a company like Borsa Italiana you must surely show your desire to learn, be “solution oriented” in your attitude, have a background in line with the position, but unfortunately this is not enough. Knowing how to relate to others, having a social and emotional intelligence, and focusing on soft skills are necessary elements.

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