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From the idea to the Startup!

RBS4 Entrepreneurship is an area dedicated to Innovation and Development for the creation of your business. With RBS4Entrepreneurship, students and alumni have had the possibility to be fully innovative, following a dynamic program and transforming their ideas into reality.

Through a specific journey, the student went through all the steps of a Project Creation Process, a Startup, and seeks, to see it successfully realized. It all start from an innovative idea, to go through the value generation model for a specific product and the market proven business model.

Start-ups also need to build a strong and committed founding team and develop both of these together into a real growing business and organization running processes that effectively capture the value created.

The Entrepreneurship LAB of ​​Rome Business School is a collector and catalyst of entrepreneurial experiences, a meeting point for all those who want to create or grow their own innovative business.

A challenging, complex project characterized by passion, creativity and energy with professionalism and methodological systematic competences. With the help of entrepreneurs and investors, the participants submitted their ideas to an evaluation committee, is now time to turn them into reality.

The Selection day, will take place on the 16th of July 2021, during this event, the best 10 projects will be invited to pitch their idea in a live pitch session, in front of the evaluation committee with a 3 minutes’ speech. After the event, the committee will then decide the 5 projects to be admitted in the Incubation program, which will be announced by July the 28th.

So, prepare your voice and ears for the live pitch session, convince the evaluation committee to believe in the project, and to be selected for the incubation phase.

The jiury is composed by:

  • Luca Tesauro, Founder & CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub;
  • Carmen Martos Molina, Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship of EAE Business School Spain;
  • Andya Saha;
  • Andrea Pietrini, Founder and Chairman of YOURgroup;
  • Marco Rosci, CEO & Co-Founder of Epicode – School Alumnus Rome Business School;
  • Francesco Salvatore, Head of Innovation of Tree, an Opinno company;
  • Andrea Geremicca, Director General of European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability;
  • Antonio Ragusa, Founder and Dean of Rome Business School;

Thank you to all the participants who submitted their innovative ideas to RBS4Entrepreneurship incubation program!

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