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Rome Business School is now member of the Principle of Responsible Management Education

We are pleased to inform that Rome Business School is a member of PRME, the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education. An initiative founded in 2007 as a platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, and to equip today’s business students with the understanding and ability to deliver a change tomorrow. 

By joining PRME, Rome Business School is placing greater attention to its key role in shaping the mindset and skills of future leaders through a responsible management education, sharing with PRME the mission of transforming business and management education, developing not only “Better Managers” but also more responsible leaders for a better tomorrow.

Rome Business School will advance its values of sustainability, social responsibility and ethics in teaching, research and through its leadership, joining other 700 leading Business and Management schools from more than 90 countries to enhance these core values while working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

The process of implementation of Rome Business School activities will follow 6 main principles:

1. Purpose: Training students to be future generators of sustainable values for businesses and companies in general, contributing in creating a more sustainable global economy.

2. Values: Implementing the academic activities, curricula, and organizational practices according to the values of global social responsibility.

3. Method: Creating educational frameworks, materials, processes and environments that enable effective learning experiences for responsible leadership.

4. Research: Engaging in conceptual and empirical research that implements our understanding about the role, dynamics, and impact of corporations in the creation of sustainable social, environmental and economic values.

5. Partnership: Increasing the interaction with managers of business corporations to extend our knowledge of their activities and challenges about environmental responsibilities and studying different ways to meet them.

6. Dialogue: We will facilitate and support dialog and debate among educators, students, business, government, consumers, media, civil society organizations and other interested groups and stakeholders on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability.

We collaborate with PRME together with other main business schools in Italy. Information regarding these institutions can be found in the following : LINK

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