Political communication and political marketing

Spin doctoring and homo mediaticus at the conference organized by the Rome Business School

It was held in Rome , February 21, 2014 , the conference “Communicating the Power. The spin doctoring and marketing in politics,” organized by the Rome Business School. During the event was also presented the latest book by the sociologist Louis Gentili ” Homo mediaticus . Mass media and the cult of  image” Armando publisher.

The conference was an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the evolution of political language in today’s society . The spin doctoring , which is at the forefront in political communication , has been the common thread of the various interventions followed one another over the course of the initiative, highlighting the potential of a new profession. The shape of the spin doctor , or the image consultant , seems to characterize the planning of each campaign successful , giving to a candidate or a political movement, the right position of ” attractiveness “.

The conference was attended by high level speakers : Giampiero Gamaleri , the well-known massmediologist,  popularizer of McLuhan in Italy, Antonio Ragusa, president of the Rome Business School, Professor of Semiotics Raffaella Petrilli  communication consultants Stefano Colarieti, Adele Minestrini and Elio Pangallozzi, and finally, Luigi Gentili , the theorist of chaos management.

The interventions were all very interesting , with Gamaleri, for example, that illustrated the power of e-mail communication in the election, Ragusa new trends and marketing strategies of political, Minestrini multisensory communication, Pangallozzi the Obama campaign and, finally, Gentili, who brought the issue of leadership.

Inside a classroom packed in an atmosphere of interest and participation in general , the public has repeatedly shown their appreciation for the event, maintaining to the end of the right enthusiasm for the initiative.



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