Pitch Day: 6 startup teams present their projects in front of private investors and entrepreneurs

Pitch day is here! The first edition of our incubation program has come to an end: after almost 6 months of work, the teams, composed of Master students and external collaborators, have reached some important milestones and are finally ready to present their project!

This Friday the 4th we will hold the live pitch session, where the teams will present their project, answer questions and listen to feedback from our evaluation committee, composed of:

  • Antonio Ragusa; Dean of Rome Business School
  • Raffaele Mannella; Program Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Luca Tesauro; Founder & CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub
  • Francesco Salvatore; Head of Open Innovation and Business Design
  • Carmen Martos Molinas; Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship of EAE Business School Spain
  • Andrea Pietrini; Founder and Chairman of YOURgroup
  • Anindya Saha; Founder of Nero Ventures
  • Marco Rosci; Founder of Epicode school
  • Simona Sinesi; Founder of Never Give Up

5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes to answer question and get feedback from the audience.

To motivate our teams, Paolo Cellini will be with us for an inspirational speech, sharing his learnings on the right entrepreneurial mindset to have. Paolo Cellini is a manager, academic and writer, and he’s Venture partner/Manager in several Venture capital funds.

Which projects will be presenting?

Six teams who qualified at the selection stage will pitch their projects and it will be quite interesting to witness the evolution that their projects went through, from simple idea to MPV startup.

Break the Silence

Break the silence is a background app that aims to ease communication in case of emergency through a voice command, without directly accessing the device. In Italy 31,5% of women have been victims of violence during their lives. Break the silence is an App that wants to change this terrifying reality, that is growing day by day, in a silent mode, BTS gets in action simply by recognizing a specific word or voice.


ShowUp is the answer for actors, who often struggle to create showreels. A company specialized in filming high quality scenes for acting showreels.

Darns Agribusiness (Now Kaloha)

The Idea is to provide financing by having each customer make a minimum required deposit for three consecutive months and then qualify to borrow up to 5 times the deposit size while earning Interest. This would help small scale farmers who often struggle to get loans.

Derma Dog (Now LampoVet)

Derma Dog is a tele-health app dedicated to the care of dermatological conditions of dogs, the most common type of disease for dogs. Derma Dog Telehealth is a tool dedicated to dermatological care of dogs, virtual visits patients can receive quality virtual care, support and guidance by a specialist veterinary dermatologist from anywhere.

Let’s Talk

It’s a mobile application that will help speaking and hearing impaired people to be able to communicate with others thanks to the use of AI tech which will convert sign language into vocal message and vice versa.


Tasia is a Philippine-based clothing brand that embraces local materials utilizing sustainable & indigenous materials to provide custom-made and ready-to-wear products, including footwear, that empower professional men and women.

At the end of the event one team will be announced as a winner, gaining access to 5 weeks of the acceleration program and specific mentorship, but all of them have the chance to bring their project to the attention of potential investors. May the best team win!


The winning project was announced to be LampoVet! Congratulation to teams Fabrizio D’Abate and Marco Prosperi.

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