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New partnership between Rome Business School and Elaisian

Rome Business School is pleased to announce its new partnership with Elaisian.

About Elaisian

Elaisian is an Italian company that in recent years has come to work in 16 countries, and actively collaborates with research centers such as Arsial, and technical collaborations with various Italian universities and abroad.

The company employs a heterogeneous team that allows the continuous development of 4.0 farming techniques through the integration of agronomists and analysts for monitoring agronomic data via weather stations and satellites.

With an expanding market and increasingly attentive to new technologies, Elaisian has placed its intervention on the creation of proprietary algorithms that allow greater prevention by farms. Going to provide more and more information on the possible pathogens of olive groves, vineyards and almond trees.   

Everything happens through a digital presence, which can be accessed by customer companies for a 24-hour monitoring (safeguarding production at any time) and interventions in the field.

The algorithm system is able to prevent diseases and optimize cultivation processes, such as irrigation and fertilization. Two points that allow Elaisian to provide a service increasingly in demand due to climate change.

It is precisely thanks to the attention to crops that has allowed to increase the collaborations with over 1600 companies in various European and non-European countries. Elaisian is also promoting 4.0 techniques to help companies raise awareness of agricultural sustainability.

“It is an honor for Elaisian to be a partner of the Rome Business School, a school of great prestige able to train with a very high level of organization and with programs of absolute quality young people and professionals of international scope. If the mission of the school is to train leaders capable of directing businesses around the world, Elaisian has the goal of attracting these talents and letting them take part in the agricultural revolution 4.0” says Giovanni Di Mambro, Co-founder & CMO of Elaisian.

“We are particularly pleased with the collaboration with Elaisian – says the Dean of the Rome Business School, Antonio Ragusa – because the synergy with this Italian company is destined to increase the value created for students. The unique know-how and skills of Elaisian in the field of agriculture 4.0 and the use of the most advanced technologies, are for all our students a source of great enrichment. At the same time, as Rome Business School we will make available to this reality our educational skills, the talent of our students and our international network, thus creating a common path of growth, exchange and mutual support”.