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Participate to the Selection Day - RBS4Entreprenuership

From the idea to the Start-up!

We are getting close to the Project Selection Day!

It will take place on the 16th of July 2021. We remember that during this event, the best 10 projects will be invited to pitch their idea to an evaluation committee, of 8 industry experts, in a live presentation session. Soon after the committee will choose the 5 winning Start up that will be admitted to the Incubation program.

The projects for the Incubation Program will be announced on July the 28th.

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Pitch presentation

Length: No more than 3 minutes The pitch is a brief presentation of the participant’s project and an explanation of the message that there is behind it. It important in this phase to engage with the audience and involve it while exposing. Creativity is the key to keep the listeners attached to the seat!

Q&A Session
After the ideas presentation, the evaluation committee will spend 2 minutes to ask some questions to the team and deepen their understanding of the projects.

Selection criteria
A Start up is a mix of different components that work together to turn an innovative idea into a reality. It involves technical aspects as well as market research and customer values. So during the selection the board members will go through all the areas needed to grow an innovative project:

The Team
The Team evaluation will consider many different aspects such as: capacities, relevant skills, expertise of the team members, and the passion to give life to their project.

Under the innovative aspect the Board members will evaluate the capacity of identifying a specific problem and the skill to solve it with an innovative solution, technically feasible.

Business sustainability
Intended as the identification of a sustainable and scalable business model to enter an interesting market.

The ability of the App, to make a difference in the world through a sustainable business model, in all its aspects – economic, environmental and social.

The pitch power, it’s clarity and power to engage and convince the audience.

The event is blended, it will happen both on campus and online through a live session, held through the platform Remo Conference (a digital event platform where participants can gather all together).

Participating online is very easy, you can register yourself and create your own virtual identity, whit whom you can attend the different digital table discussions. As for many meeting platforms you can use both your microphone and chat to easily communicate with your colleagues and board members.

Last but not least
Make sure to have a good connection and set up your microphone and headphones.

So, prepare your voice and ears for the live pitch session, convince the evaluation committee to believe in the project, and get to be selected for the incubation phase!

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