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RBS Imapct April

RBS’ Impact: April

28 April 2022

31 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in April in companies such as Max Mara, BMW,…

eHealth and Telemedicine

RBS partners with Lami, eHealth Startup

26 April 2022

Rome Business School is pleased to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Lami. Lami is a start-up that…


University of Pécs, Hungary and Rome Business School cooperation agreement

26 April 2022

Rome Business School signed a new cooperation agreement to boost its international network A new partnership has been signed between University…

Sustainable development

How to combine sustainable development and growth. The role of NGOs and women

26 April 2022

In an era of such rapid and profound change as ours, the issue of sustainable development is attracting increasing attention,…

Rome Business School Career Services Department

An Introduction to the RBS Career Services

22 April 2022

The Career Services Department of Rome Business School aims to assist all of the RBS students in finding the right…

Andrea Pietrini Rome Business School

Meet Andrea Pietrini: new member of the RBS Corporate Advisory Board

21 April 2022

We welcome Andrea Pietrini, Chairman of YOURgroup, to the RBS Corporate Advisory Board. Already a collaborator of RBS, Andrea has…

the future of sport

The future of the sports industry in Italy between sustainability and generational turnover

21 April 2022

Sport, thanks also to its exceptional worldwide diffusion between the 19th and 20th centuries, is increasingly becoming a fundamental activity…

Rome Business School Bootcamps

Registrations to the International Bootcamps are open: Silicon Valley, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Tuscany

21 April 2022

What are the International Bootcamps? On these intensive week-long training experiences involving companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Cartier, Coca Cola,…


Rome Business School becomes a partner of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

15 April 2022

The Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Italy is a non-profit association officially recognized by the Spanish Ministerio de…

Rome Business School class

What are the steps to creating a startup?

14 April 2022

It is not enough to have an idea, many other ingredients are necessary in order to create a successful startup.…

silvio falcone KPMG

Porsche, Coca-Cola HBC, KPMG and Rai Cinema at the Welcome Week of Rome Business School welcoming over 740 students

14 April 2022

Rome Business School opens its doors to its new students: 40% Italian, 60% international of which 68% European, 32% from…

risorse umane

Managing stress in the workplace: the role of human resources

12 April 2022

In 2020, the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic posed a real challenge to the world of work. The measures taken…

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