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News 13/02/2023

15 new managers from multinationals including Google, Max Mara, Enel in the Rome Business School Corporate Advisory Board

15 new members joined the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) of Rome Business School including top managers from Red Bull, Nestlé, Max Mara, Expedia, Enel, Google; 96 the total number of leading companies that make up the CAB, among them: Glovo, IKEA, Bulgari, Porsche; Rome Business School students, i
News 07/02/2023

Rome Business School Students Meet Ferrari

For 10 years within the Ferrari family, Dennis de Munck, University Partnerships at Ferrari, shared his professional and personal experience with our students. He described the brand, its evolution, the values and DNA of Ferrari so that our students may have a good insight into what makes Ferrari un
News 07/02/2023

Company Visit with Red Bull's Marketing Director

On Friday February 10, at 3pm students will have the opportunity to meet Red Bull. Joining us on campus for a special lecture will be Roberto Giugliano, Head of Marketing and Communication at Red Bull.  The lecture is dedicated to students enrolled in the Masters in Sports and Lifestyle Management
News 02/02/2023

Health and trainings: telemedicine in the international arena

Telemedicine places the patient at the centre of the digital revolution. Bringing telemedicine to developing countries, i.e. to all those nations with a low standard of living, a poor industrial base, and an almost non-existent income level, means not only equipping countries with advanced technolog
News 06/06/2023

The Ultimate Guide To Our Newest Career Center Paths 

4 Differentiated Career Paths Customized To Your Career Moment The Career Center has enhanced its offerings with the Career Accelerator. RBS’s career accelerator programs are dedicated to those who wish to establish themselves in the corporate environment. We offer a range of 4 occupational progra
News 06/06/2023

E-commerce Trends from Social Commerce To Ethics: what is shaping the future?

In today’s digital era, e-commerce is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and customers shop. To succeed in the competitive online marketplace, it is crucial for business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to stay informed about the latest e-commerce trends. In this article, we will e
News 06/06/2023

Rome Business School Strengthens International Cooperation in China with Zhejiang Financial College

Rome Business School (RBS) is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Zhejiang Financial College (ZFC), a renowned institution in China. Zhejiang Financial College is a prestigious higher education institution recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and
News 29/05/2023

A Comprehensive Guide to PMP Certification: Requirements, Duration, Process, Validity, and Expiry

Introduction In the dynamic and competitive world of project management, attaining industry-recognized certifications can significantly boost one’s career prospects. Among the most esteemed certifications is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. PMP is globally recognized and de

RBS Stories

Claudia Penati
Thanks to RBS, I had the opportunity to meet with representatives of several companies, including Doctors Without Borders, with whom I am currently working. Through my Master's degree at RBS, I gained skills that I am putting to use in my current work experience.
Nils Wilhelm
The RBS4Entrepreneurship program really helped me structure my startup idea. There are many things you don't think about when trying to launch a business, and this program gave me the tools to build my project.
Alessio Malvuccio
The Master's program in Fashion Management has given me so much, both in terms of notions but above all in terms of methodological approach, united both by interpersonal relationships with colleagues from all over the world and by professors who, through their own personal experience, have been able, day after day, to transfer to all of us their many experiences in their field of expertise.