New technologies and e-learning

With 2020 started a new era, related to interactive learning and new technologies, which offer revolutionary teaching methods and innovative strategies of connection for students, teachers and institutions. In this optic the higher education is changing and Rome Business School is implementing its digital training offer. The Business School offers a full option of digital masters since different years, allowing students from different countries of the world to participate at any time.

But what exactly is the e-learning and what are the advantages of using this methodology for training?

The e-learning includes a wide range of distance learning tools: LMS platformsWebinarsonline assessment toolstraining management toolstools for interaction and information exchange between teachers and students and between students themselves. So mobile and micro e-learning, augmented reality and virtual reality are now serving education as well, we can expect this and much more from 2020.

When talking about e-learning we mean those training courses and all their related actives like interaction, exchanging of ideas and opinions that are conducted on an interactive platform, with the aim of being able to create an educational path mediated by technology.

So, we cannot think about interactive learning as a simple container of information or a means of connection. This innovative methodology offers numerous advantages compared to traditional frontal teaching: first of all, it is possible to follow a course without being forced to be sited on a specific place, quality this one that is very appreciated form workers or people with time restrictions. 

Online learning is also translated into economic savings, related not only to transport but also on paper materials, online references allows as well to use these contents at any time and from any place according to the student’s needs. Furthermore, since the lessons are recorded and always available online, users can use them for multiple study sessions, affecting as well the time required for learning.

The benefits of mobile learning

Mobility became an important aspect of the daily lives of billions of people. Data are significant, in 2019 the total amount of mobile users was 6.8 billion, a number that is expected to rise, reaching 7 billion by 2021. With the growth in the number of mobile users, more and more people are developing a strong interest for mobile learning as it reaches students in every side of the world.

The advantages of e-learning, such as flexibility and accessibility, help to maintain high confidence in this teaching method, and is not surprising that in the coming years mobile technology will merge with even more advanced technologies to provide learning materials with high added value. Artificial intelligence for example can be applied to the context of online learning and being identified as a chatbot or a real virtual tutor, thanks to whom participants are guided along their training paths, implementing a tailored made learning path. In this way studying becomes more focused and oriented towards improving the knowledge of each individual participant.

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