leARn To Cultural Programme

leARn To Cultural Programme

With the warmer temperatures, sunny days, and blooming flowers, we once again greet the arrival of the lovely springtime here in Rome. The weather at present is so fine—it is undoubtedly a most suitable time for some sightseeing!

To enrich the extracurricular activities of our students, besides deepening their knowledge of the Italian language and culture, the Rome Business School organized a ‘leARn To’ cultural programme on Saturday, April 9, 2016. The cultural tour was attended by our students from America, Germany, India, Russia, and Vietnam, to name a few.

Students had the opportunity to visit the highlights of Rome with an expert guide who illustrated the history and details of this beautiful Eternal City called… Rome!

The cultural programme started at the infamous Piazza Venezia and headed towards the breath-taking Colosseum. Along the way, the students were guided through the Piazza D’aracoeli, the Campidoglio, the Roman Forum, and the Basilica di Santa Maria Nova and were transported back to the city’s Baroque-era grandeur.


The Rome Business School strongly believes that a deeper knowledge of a city such as Rome, with its artistic, architectural and historical culture, can be an added value for our international students. Art and history can be used to provide new perspectives in communication tools, and also to develop creativity and innovation in the field of management.

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