Company Visit : PERONI

On Monday, May 16th, the Rome Business School’s students had a chance to visit the best known Italian brewery in the world—no other than PERONI — in one of their many company visits.

The students were warmly welcomed by the Peroni headquarters’ staff and a well-prepared and delicious breakfast offered on site.

During the visit, the company’s HR Director gave our students a presentation on Peroni’s Human Resources processes and talent management. This was followed by a presentation on marketing, branding, and communications strategies held by the Nastro Azzurro brand manager.

Before the end of the presentation session, the students were given the opportunity to ask any related questions they might have to either presenter.

The visit was concluded by a tour of the company headquarters and museum, which were kindly illustrated by Peroni’s Communications manager.

All and all, this was a fun, educational and excellent company visit; many thanks to the Peroni team!


Company visit – Peroni 7
Company visit – Peroni 6
Company visit – Peroni 5
Company visit – Peroni 4
Company visit – Peroni 3
Company visit – Peroni 2
Company visit – Peroni 1

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