January is the best time to look for a (new) job

January is around the best time of year to look for a new job or internship opportunity. Whether you’re looking for your first experience on the market, you are unhappy at work or just want to grow professionally because you think that you’ve get the most out of your current position, this is one of the perfect moments to start your search.

There are instances in your career path when you may feel it’s right to start looking for a new job. It could be when you feel stuck in a quagmire at work, you are looking to start a new experience, you are graduating and you need to complete your studies with an internship experience, you’re looking for a better payed job.

All your reasons may be valid; however, sometimes it happens that the timing may not be aligned with the current needs of the job market. There are seasons and occasional time periods when it’s advantageous to seek out a new job. These stretches of time are prime for candidates, as everything converges to make it a job-seeker-friendly environment. 

There is just something that feels natural and right about engaging in a job search during January. Looking for a new job fits in with a person’s New Year’s resolution and new start. Usually, people promise themselves that they will lose weight, stop smoking, go to the gym more often, and secure a new job. The start of a new year ushers in a feeling of promise and new beginnings. Mentally and emotionally, it’s a nice time to begin looking for a new opportunity!

At the same time companies and managers uses the beginning of the year to look for new team members, both to enlarge their team or to refill the job positions left from previous employees. Regarding interns’ opportunities, it is better to start a learning experience from the beginning of the year, where all the activities are starting again, maybe with new goals and new objectives.

Before Christmas usually the lack of team members is easy to manage and control and the work flow slows down as there are less activities, but on January when the business gets back to normal, the absence of a good number of key employees is felt by everyone. The supervisor is then motivated to quickly find a replacement to ensure that the staff is keeping up with its responsibilities, and are now ready to replace those who have left the company and add to staff as well. Most of the times companies sees the beginning of the year as the occasion to implement a new business plan and to set new goals and objectives, to solve problems and face different aspect in the developing phase. This is the right moment for candidates to apply and show their skills, ideas and motivation.

Many prospective candidates put their job search on hold over the holidays. They’d rather push the pause button and try to enjoy the season. A majority of potential job seekers prefer to relax, spend time with family and friends and are not keen on subjecting themselves to the anxiety and stress associated with looking for a new job. So January is the best moment to see if there are attractive opportunities available, this is a great time to start your job search.Be sure that your resume is ready and respects the rules of the market, remember to never stop searching for stimulating opportunities, your dream job might be around the corner

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