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BEA Build Engage Act

We care about our students, especially about their future, our goal is to help them to build a solid path towards a successful career and professional future. To achieve this, we use the help of the Rome Business School Career Services

We help you choose the right professional area to focus your interest and efforts, from the very beginning of an academic program right through the whole process up to graduation, we prepare you to tackle today’s employment market effectively. In this way you can create your career strategy via a 3-step journey of self-reflection (BUILD), exploration (ENGAGE), and achievement (ACT). 

Our Career Services Program is designed to help you find internships or positions in line with your ambitions and expectations.

What is BEA?

Your journey towards a satisfying future career begins with self-discovery. There are many paths in front of you, and together we can find the right one to follow by assessing your skills, strengths, interests, values, and personality. We encourage students to attend a workshop to learn more about the process of CV writing and, afterwards, to benefit from our one-to-one Career Services individual meetings. A session on the specifics of the job market is also part of this first phrase to help you understand all your possibilities in Italy and abroad.


The aim of this second phase is to prepare students for competitive recruitment processes. Students are given tools to define both strategies and objectives: who they are and what they want professionally, as a starting point from which to approach the market. An online presence helps to build your professional brand and allows employers and recruiters to find you when searching for talent, while the workshop on handling different types of interviews will help you refine your skills, provide a confidence boost for candidates and give practical tips relating to interview questions, answers, and techniques.


The third and final phase of the service mainly focuses on networking activities to enhance the student’s professional visibility. Networking is a give-and-take process that involves making connections, sharing information and asking questions. It is a way of learning how to relate to others. Company meetings, RBS Talent Focus Initiative, Mock Interview Day and other initiatives provide the perfect opportunities to put in practice what you have learnt during the CS workshops and may lead you to rewarding employment prospects.

With this scheme in mind and under a vision, totally projected to the future our Career Services office is totally business oriented, and helps our student to acquire a professional identity, in line with their passions and dreams.If you see yourself as a great leader nothing stops you from starting building your image and truly realise your vision!