ISO renewed its certification with Rome Business School

Certified by ISO, Rome Business School confirms again this year the quality of its structure, its programs and the passion of its staff.

What is ISO 9001:2015? The acronym ISO 9001 identifies a series of regulations and guidelines developed by the International Organization for ISO Standardization which define the fundamental requirements for the creation within an organization of a quality management system, in order to conduct business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the creation and provision of a service, increasing customer satisfaction.

The ISO quality is determined by a mix of company objectives and its corresponding daily commitment to achieve them, identifying the most appropriate tools and way of working.

According to ISO, quality is measured through different areas of work such as:

  • The main infrastructure, workplaces and branches;
  • Equipment aimed at productivity or support activities for services;
  • The quality of the main product or service;
  • Human resources;

On the analysis of these factors Rome Business School has been defined by the ISO 9901:2015 quality as an institution that fully satisfies the needs and expectations of students, partners, and internal collaborators dedicated to continuous improvement, implying the proactive fix of defects and the close work with selected external suppliers to ensure constant mutual growth.

ISO 9001:2015 certifies the working relationships of Rome Business School as founded on truth and professionalism, mutual respect and honesty. The school works in a synergistic and harmonious way, based on the creation of a relationship of trust with the students and in harmony between the technical resources of the company,the client and the surrounding environment.

Through the ISO 9001:2015 certification, Rome Business School has the goal of constant improvement to create a fluid work system and a transparent, flexible and dynamic organization of the work processes. Implementing collaboration and involvement policies both with the external audience and internally, ensuring continuous development and training of human resources.

This involvement is achieved by fostering and developing teamwork, spirit of initiative and the continuous search for new, renewal and constructive methods and techniques for managing relationships such as “problem solving” and the exchange of ” know how “.

Rome Business School also pays a deep attention to the quality of the service provided by the company, evaluating the importance of communication with its stakeholders, paying attention to their interests in order to better manage internal and external relations within the organization.

Following the renewal of the certification ISO 9901: 2015, the school is committed to pursue continuous improvement through:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of its offer and services;
  • Analysis of the satisfaction of the services provided;
  • Manage and control of the supply processes;
  • Explanation of the claim procedures;
  • The construction of an effective and direct communication channel with the customer;
  • Student loyalty development and maintainment;

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