Insight Interview with Professor Andrea Geremicca

I am passionate and a scholar of exponential technologies such as: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing and more. I study every day the impacts these technologies have and will have in our lives and in our society.  Innovation has always been at the center of my entrepreneurial activities, I was, in fact, CEO & Founder of two startups that brought me to the front pages of all the most important Italian newspapers. I have been part of the TEDxRoma organizing team, now in its fifth edition.
I attended Singularity University at the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, studying the impacts of exponential technologies in our society, I was also part of their leadership team in the Rome chapter.

  1. Question: When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

Answer: I think that the first time I thought about it was during my first lecture, which took place in one of the universities of Rome. At that time, I was CEO & founder of a quite famous start-up and I was presenting it to several students. There, I realized that I really enjoy to share my experience, my thoughts, and my path with students.

  1. Question: What strategies did you use to be successful in college?

Answer: I am a very open-minded and social person, so I enjoy meeting new people a lot. During my university years, I always played an important part in our student community, participating in additional activities and group work. I also travelled a lot to keep my mind open and practice my English and to develop my point of view.

  1. Question: What advice can you give to students taking your class?

Answer: During the lectures, we talk about artificial intelligence, robots, 3D printing, and the future scenarios that are awaiting us. Many of my students think that several of these subjects are still some sort of a science fiction; but my advice to the students is to be careful and not to forget about the exponential growth of all of these technologies. Many students are graduating and preparing for jobs that could disappear in a few years. With Impactscool we always say that the future is open source, let’s start to work on it.

  1. Question: What do you like best about teaching at Rome Business School?

Answer: The most beautiful part about being a professor at the Rome Business School is the high level of students. I enjoy the atmosphere, the questions they are asking me, the variety of different nationalities and languages. After the lecture, I always try to find some time to talk with the students and discuss the subjects that they would like to deepen the next time.

  1. Question: What are your top expectations from students?

Answer: I always expect them to be proactive and ask questions if they are not familiar with the subjects that we discuss or if they are more curious about it. Another vital part of any lecture is group work; students can share their ideas and demonstrate the leadership. It is a deeper way to understand what future scenarios might await us. For this reason, I always say that I’m not here to teach them, I’m here to work, collaborate, and debate with them.

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