Future Leaders at Technological Innovation and Circular Economy Summit in Spain

The Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) is now accepting applications for 300 influential leaders from Spain to attend their Technological Innovation and Circular Economy Summit in Spain on July 6th, 2018.

Rome Business School is proud to support the Summit, whose aim is to increase public awareness about how innovation and the circular economy are comparative advantages for companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, and the country as a whole; thereby promoting a faster and more efficient transition towards a sustainable economic model in Spain.

The important event will gather in Madrid some of the most influential world leaders in the areas of economy, sustainable development and innovation. Among them, five Nobel Prizes winner and the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, who made climate change and investment in the green economy a priority in his administration.

The selected influential leaders will receive communication training, networking opportunities, and information presented by experts in topics related to innovation, digital transformation, circular economy, and sustainable development.

Upon the conclusion of the Summit, the leaders will become ambassadors of the circular economy and innovation by committing to deliver a minimum of 10 presentations in their areas of influence and/or participate in mass media events.

Selection of the leaders will be based on communication skills, interest in the promotion of a sustainable economic model, and enthusiasm for the promotion of a circular economy.

The Advanced Leadership Foundation’s goal is to create a network of global future leaders who will gain the skills and experiences needed to benefit their economies, companies, communities and their countries.

To apply, complete the form found at https://cumbrealf.org/lideres/

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