Rome Business School joins the International Procurement Seminar

Rome Business School is very proud to have been invited to the International Procurement Seminar, a two-day event where delegates, secretaries-general and the presidents of various international entities presented participants with possible opportunities to do business with the United Nations by joining the UN procurement network.

Claudia Grillo, Head of Corporate Education at Rome Business School, our representative at the event, met with entities such as UNOPS, ICC, UNFPA, UNIDO, IFAD, WFP and States: “The International Procurement Seminar was an opportunity for Rome Business School to get to know the main UN agencies and present the training proposal best suited to their needs. Getting in touch with the UN realities is fundamental and extremely strategic for us, as they represent an important target audience with whom we share the importance of training, internationalization, innovation and transparency in services, with the aim of being active participants in social change and in the world, sharing the mission of the UN agencies”.

Plenary and information sessions as well as one-on-one meeting sessions were organized during the two-day event. In fact, the initiative, held in Turin on Nov. 8 and 9, is an information and meeting event on UN procurement with the aim of promoting the participation of Italian companies and co-organizing countries in the tenders for services and launched by some of the main UN agencies.

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