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New Executive Masters Students Kick-off their RBS journey

Over Friday and Saturday Rome Business School welcomed the new intake of the Executive Masters.

The Executive Master is the perfect weekend formula for italian speaking working professionals looking to build new skills, advance their careers or change industries.

Commencement speech with Andrea Di Paola, Essity

Vice President of Essity Italy, joined us with Dean Antonio Ragusa to welcome a full class of Executive students giving his personal advice: “A manager’s job is to change a culture, and this is how you generate truly sustainable change.” With his speech, he inspired all present and shared with the students his experience, career story and steps. and the learnings he picked up along the way. He discussed relevant issues such as what makes an effective leader.

“In some situations you can’t win and your job as a Manager is to know which are these situations and try for a tie.”

Master Kick-off with the Program Directors and Ice-breaking activities

On Saturday, each class joined the Master Kick-off with their Program Director, getting to know them and receiving an introduction to the course. Students of the Executive Master in Gestione della Moda e del Lusso had the pleasure of meeting, together with Program Director Michela Bonafoni, Mariella Milani, costume critic and authoritative expert in fashion journalism, for more than 30 years the face and voice of national TV news at TG2.

The usual Icebreaking Activities as well could not be missed: the first with Stefano Cera, lecturer of the Corporate Education courses at Rome Business School and the second with Angela Valente, Professor of Soft Skills at Rome Business School, letting students work in groups and embark in solving problems creatively and in an unconventional way.