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Interactive Welcome Week 2020 instructions for use

We are almost there, 2 days left before the opening of the Interactive Rome Business School Welcome Week 2020 and everything is almost ready.

A full week of activities entirely dedicated to our student in helping them discover all the educational paths signed by Rome Business School and to some of the introductory workshops on Leadership Excellence. The week’s schedule is very simple, a first lesson of all our available full time and part time masters.  Students will have the opportunity to know some of their teachers and familiarize with our staff, who will offer their support during the whole year. 

Each master has its own program and characteristics, during the Welcome Week we will walk the students through their personal training path and prepare them for their entrance in the labor market. The main topics of the selected master of interest will be explored and the students will learn more about us. It is important that we understand who will guide the students through their training experience and in acquiring new development of skills and knowledge necessary to face the labor market mechanisms.

Listed below just a few simple tips to get the best of our Interactive Welcome Week 2020:

1) Choose a comfortable, silent and well-lit place, possibly near a window. This will allow you to detach from the screen during breaks, breathe in some fresh air and if needed stretch your legs out.

This will be your learning area!

2) Choose a comfortable seat, an ergonomic chair or armchair … the important thing is that you feel comfortable.

3) Power outlets !!

The lessons are long and you may need to recharge your computer. So, choose a location not far from a good power outlet or have an extension cord available.

4) Clean your work space from all unnecessary items.  Create your own study area.  It could also be a good opportunity to tidy your desk. We call this “decluttering” cleaning.

5) Organize your space with only items you need and are useful for your study purpose. You will need to have close at reach all the tools you use most frequently use.embellish

6) Don’t forget to decorate your space with something you enjoy looking at : a photo, a motivational phrase, a picture, a map etc.

7) Water! Remember to stay hydrated, it helps keep concentration high.

8) Coffee, do not overdo it but a good coffee half way through the morning is a must, we are still in Rome!

With these simple and basic rules you are ready to start the Rome Business School virtual tour! Turn on your PC, connect to the network and lets start the presentations!

We are all looking forward to meet you!

Rome Business School