Exploring Rome

How to efficiently move around Rome

Rome, one of the largest cities in Italy, certainly among the most beautiful in the world. Which are the most effective ways to admire it avoiding the annoying traffic? Let’s see them together!

Ordinary public transport in Rome includes the metro, buses, trams and trains.

Rome’s metro is made up of three lines and connects the main areas of the city, is probably the most frequent means of transport used by the citizen, to quickly go from one to the other side of the city avoiding the annoying traffic jams of the capital. As an alternative to the subway you can certainly take advantage of buses or trams whose lines are quite well distributed inside and outside the city, but be careful and pay attention to the directions that you decide to take and consult a map before getting on a bus. or tram. Currently, Rome has 338 bus lines operating during the day, 22 at night and 8,260 stops. Quite a few!

Urban and suburban trains in Rome complete the three metro lines and connect the city to neighboring seaside and mountain locations, an excellent option for the weekend out-of-town trips.

In addition to the traditional means of transport, since different years now Rome implemented alternative car and motorcycle rental services to recently end up with electric bicycles and scooters available in every corner of the city. Is very easy to use them, you just need to look for the vehicle located nearest to you and unlocked it by scanning with your APP a QR code on the handlebar. Silent and sustainable means of transport which found great success especially thanks to the possibility with these to admire the beauty of the city, both during a relaxing weekend of to go to work without losing some time to be distracted by what surrounds you. In the case of Rome, a city which has a piece of history on each of its corner.

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