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Double MBA Rome Business School-Rostov Southern Federal University

New opportunities for world-class managerial education and career development for our students

A delegation of the Rome Business School visited the Higher School of Business (HSB) of the Southern Federal University of Rostov-on-Don, Russia – a university with almost a century of history. The Southern Federal University is a major traditional educational institution in Russia; it offers training in almost all branches of contemporary science and humanities. It is a vast structure comprising 12 research institutes, 35 departments, four higher school institutes, the South-Russian Centre of Information Technologies and 26 educational centres.

Following negotiations, a new memorandum of understanding was signed, related to the Master’s students’ mobility programme. The two educational institutes agreed on the viability of academic cooperation and specifically on implementation of a Double MBA – a Master’s Degree of Business Administration Programme.

This programme was created for the students of both institutes; it implies that the Rome Business School’s MBA students have the possibility of obtaining two diplomas – the Italian diploma and the Russian one – the same applies, of course, to the HSB’s students.

This international project agreement is aimed at increasing the value that both institutions can provide their students in terms of learning experience, building new knowledge for the faculty, supporting the students’ international careers and enabling the growth of both parties.The double MBA degree programme will give students the chance of not only becoming high-level specialists in their home countries, but also to train to become top-managers well versed in the global economy.

The programme features substantial practical training, which guarantees live assimilation of the theoretical knowledge.

The HSB and the Rome Business School have jointly structured the training in order to provide the best in modern business instruction by using new technologies and enrolling the help of world-class professors and top managers.

The students have the choice of three formulas: on-campus and online training and business study tours. All formulas are of equal effectiveness and high-teaching quality. The on-campus studying and the business tours combine an intensive theoretical syllabus with the attendance of business meetings and visits to international and national companies while enjoying the beauty of the respective countries. The online formula offers perfect teacher-student interaction and is designed for those who wish to organize their study time with the maximum flexibility and the guarantee of true learning progress.