Cooperation between the Rome Business School and Messe Rand Training, Nigeria

As the world continues to shrink and global networks thicken in their complexity, organizations must come up with new ways of developing cooperations and partnerships beyond their national borders to avail themselves of resources from other territories. This is the nature of the cooperation agreement drafted between the Rome Business School, represented by its Country Correspondent Humprehy Akanazu, and Messe Rand Training, Nigeria.

The Rome Business School is a renowned global human development institution committed to train better managers for a better world. Thanks to a rich network of partners across the world, the Rome Business School offers opportunities for the international mobility of students in over 113 countries.

Messe Rand is an international training provider with offices in United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and Nigeria, dedicated to supporting individuals and organisations in realizing their full potentials. Messe Rand draws from a rich and highly competent team of resource persons with diverse backgrounds and experiences across the world. Their services include: Recruitment and Outsourcing, Human Capital Management, Employee Payment Administration and courses in five faculties: Document Management Systems, Enterprise Development, Finance, IT and Communication, Law and Public Sector, and Management

Sharing the main characteristics and values of excellent learning content and a passion for a holistic personal and professional development, both institutions are set to engage in a workable synergy to create real advantage. This agreement will engender an array of processes of cross-pollination of ideas and exchange of programmes, professors, students and resources.

In more concrete terms, the Rome Business School and Messe Rand Training will collaborate to explore opportunities for close interaction between their students, professors and personnel for the purposes of teaching, learning, research, business and networking under an arrangement based upon cordial reciprocity. This will be effected through both electronic and personal approaches, professionally packaged for a realistic learning experience and an innovative training system built into a set of short courses, conferences, symposiums, meetings, tours and cooperative researches on specific topics. The idea is to expand the educational and intellectual capital within an international population, at both the individual and organizational levels.

With this agreement, the coast is clear and the prospects are limitless, with huge opportunities for the two institutions and, ultimately, for their students.

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