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Discovering the coffee business

Rome Business School visits the Caffé Italia company

Within the framework of its training activities aimed at learning about entrepreneurship in the real world, the students attending the Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication visited Caffè Italia’s Fiano Romano coffee bean roasting plant.

During the visit, it was possible to analyse the various aspects of the coffee business; from product development to marketing and distribution.

Particular attention was given to the coffee production areas (with special reference to those located in the tropics), the main producing countries (headed by Brazil and followed by Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia), as well as to the different varieties of coffee (e.g. Arabica, Robusta, etc.), with the aid of a tasting session with the guidance of Caffé Italia’s experts.

The discovery of such an interesting world and market continued with the analysis of the production process. The raw beans are roasted, blended and vacuum packed or prepared in filters, the whole process being strictly carried out in a controlled atmosphere to ensure the highest quality and aroma. At the end of this process, the coffee is ready to be shipped all over the world.

Commercialization often requires the intervention of indirect distribution systems, through wholesalers and retailers, as well as advanced strategies, packaging, marketing and communications.

The visit to the Caffè Italia roasting plant was followed by a lecture entitled “How to create a competitive advantage for your own company”, the penultimate such encounter in this fourth edition of the Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications.

The hospitality, availability and kindness shown by Caffè Italia made it possible to blend the theoretical approach with the practical one – in keeping with the Rome Business School’s method – with a valuable demonstration of how the concepts learned during the course are applied in an actual business environment.