Cooperation agreement between Rome Business School and Caucasus University

The expansion of the Rome Business School in Eastern Europe continues; this time, in Georgia. This is the country in which are located the headquarters of the Caucasus University, founded in 1998, with which we have recently signed a mutual cooperation agreement. The two institutions are committed to promote each other’s teaching and research activities and to expand the mutual understanding of all economic, cultural and social issues of the partner’s country.

To achieve these objectives, the Rome Business School and the Caucasus University will: identify opportunities to help to promote institutional exchanges by inviting each other’s professors and employees for the purposes of teaching/research and personal development; play host to each others students for periods of study/research; organize symposiums, conferences, short courses and meetings on research areas; carry out joint research and ongoing education programmes. These activities are aimed at creating an international network rich in opportunities for the personal development of students.

Profile of the Caucasus University

The Caucasus University is an accredited institution for those who wish to acquire an excellent education; this is fundamental with regards to the values of the Rome Business School. The faculty is composed by internationally qualified professors. The University’s course catalogue includes Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, PhDs and short courses.The faculties are:

  • Economy
  • Law
  • Communication
  • Humanistic Sciences
  • Tourism.

These academic cooperation agreements form part of the creation of a structured global network aimed at ensuring that the Rome Business School’ alumni, current and future students will have increasingly ample opportunities to build their future professional success.

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