Company Visit – X Farm

We are pleased to learn more about X Farm, through the company visit organized for our students of the Masters in Agribusiness and Marketing and Sales.

X Farm is a company that produces technological solutions for agriculture founded in 2017 by Matteo Vanotti, Salvatore Ferullo and Martino Poretti. Born from the experience of farmers and agronomists, it combines advanced tools with ease of use, in order to make available to farms software and hardware that can fully exploit the power of digital in the agricultural sector.

The X Farm Digital Ecosystem is developed on three main pillars: the platform, the sensors and the services for stakeholders. 

The platform is a Farm Management Information System, i.e. an application that can be used both by PC and smartphone, which covers all areas of any farm. In fact, there are functions concerning business administration, bureaucracy, financial management, agronomy, sustainability, agro mechanics and precision agriculture. The objective of this product, tailored for modern farmers, is to combine in a single simple tool all those disciplines that would normally take place in a complex and separate software. 

At the same time, X Farm also offers IoT devices, such as weather stations and environmental sensors, which allow monitoring the parameters in the field to elaborate advanced advice through predictive modelling. 

In conclusion, X Farm has been built not only for the farmer but also for all the stakeholders in the Agri-food chain that can benefit from the connection with the fields: X Farm can in fact be used for supply chain projects, food traceability, increasing the sustainability of productions, monitoring productions, increasing the services offered to its members/customers and much more.

It is in fact possible to collaborate with X Farm to start digitalization projects, in which X Farm lends itself as a Technology Partner alongside all those activities that believe in the potential of technology. The platform, sensors and B2B services can also be provided in white-label, allowing companies to customize products with their own brand. 

By June 2021, X Farm has more than 60.000 registered farms and is growing rapidly: this is evidence of a product that can attract farmers, as it is designed according to their needs and is easy to use. 

The app contains a set of free basic features that allow the farmer to try out agricultural digitization, and then allows him to integrate more advanced features in a scalable and cost-effective way, through subscriptions. 

The companybelieves in the importance of technology in agriculture and its mission is to make efficient and advanced tools available in a simple and affordable way.” 

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