ASFOR accredits the Rome Business School Master in HR and Organization, a prestigious recognition, still limited to a few masters in Italy, among the most important in the field of management training.

Rome December 2021, The Italian Association for Management Training (ASFOR), accredits the Rome Business School’s Master in HR and Organization.

  • ASFOR, the most important accreditation in Italy for Higher Education and Rome Business School becomes one of the few schools with more accredited programs together with MIP, Bocconi and Luiss.
  • The accreditation process was conducted in 10 months by the ASFOR commission led by Dr. Manuela Brusoni – Associate Professor of Practice of Government, Health and Not for Profit at SDA Bocconi School of Management;
  • The verification commission assigned an average score of 4/5 on all the variables taken into consideration;

ASFOR is the most important accreditation institution for the quality of managerial training programs in Italy and aims to develop the management culture in Italy and to qualify the management training offer, continuously adapting it to the dynamics of demand.

ASFOR accreditation is the only Italian process that evaluates the excellence of postgraduate and executive training courses in business management content. It defines the criteria and dimensions on the basis of which the excellence of the programs is identified, in accordance with the most rigorous international standards and in accordance with the guidelines developed globally in the context of sectoral associations such as AACSB, EFMD, EQUAL.

ASFOR promotes the development and spread of managerial and entrepreneurial culture in public and private multinational companies, among its main objectives there is the one of developing the ethics of the person through high training in entrepreneurial leadership and qualify the offer of Managerial training by continuously adapting it to the dynamics of the demand for professional figures, both nationally and internationally.

Through the accreditation process, schools and organizations undertake an updating process in line with the highest standards of managerial training shared globally and in continuous comparison with the most innovative international realities that characterize the most prestigious recognition in Italy.

The ASFOR accreditation for the Master in HR and Organization favours not only the strengthening but also the legitimization of the programs for strength of contents, structure, quality and teaching methodology. During the evaluation phase, particular emphasis was placed on the professionalism of the teaching staff involved and the excellent direction of the program, as well as on the effective work of Career Services for the professional development of students.

ASFOR certifies that the Rome Business School is well organized and manages the various stages of program delivery very well, ensuring continuity from an organizational and procedural point of view and also from the point of view of the quality and assurance system. The accreditation process was chaired by a commission of ASFOR expert auditors, which carefully assessed the master following evaluation standards relating to: recruitment and selection of students, teaching process, teaching methodologies, teaching material, student evaluation process, teaching staff, student accompaniment and mentoring, quality assurance, structure and organizational aspects, establishment and positioning of the Business School.

The international context in which the Rome Business School operates was of particular importance. Part of the Planeta Formacion y Universidades group, an international network created in 2003 by De Agostini and the Planeta Group which embodies the two companies’ strong commitment to university and management training. Its more than 100,000 students of over 150 nationalities are guided towards the acquisition of an excellent preparation thanks to open, flexible and functional models suitable for any professional level.

Through accreditation, Rome Business School not only adds further prestige and quality to its HR and Organization program, but also reaffirms and certifies the very importance of managerial training for the purpose of developing the skills of its students in relation to the needs of the market. working.

“We are proud of this important accreditation – says Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School. This is a prestigious result, the result of a great teamwork that has allowed the Rome Business School to be counted among the institutions that offer the highest levels of training in the Italian panorama. A recognition that confirms the high quality of our educational program and rewards the Rome Business School’s commitment to providing a service of absolute excellence to its students, with a vision of continuous improvement “

Thanks to ASFOR accreditation, the Master in HR and Organization is among the fundamental and indispensable factors for the dissemination and strengthening of the managerial culture without which it is not possible to manage the complexity of modern businesses.

“With the ASFOR accreditation process, the Rome Business School continues an upgrading process, according to the standards shared globally and in a continuous comparison with the most innovative Italian and international realities. The result is the fruit of the fruitful collaboration with the teachers of the master and the corporate world involved in the educational and transformative journey of the student”- says Mariella Pugliesi, Head of Didactics at Rome Business School.

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