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Meet Andrea Pietrini: new member of the RBS Corporate Advisory Board

We welcome Andrea Pietrini, Chairman of YOURgroup, to the RBS Corporate Advisory Board.

Already a collaborator of RBS, Andrea has decided to join our CAB to transmit to the students of our Business School the skills acquired and useful advices for the realization of their own professional projects in the managerial field. Today Andrea strongly believes that continuing education, networking and personal branding are necessary skills for anyone who aims to become a leader regardless of their industry.
The CAB members of RBS are in fact for him an important bridge to build #BetterManager4aBetterWorld.

Can we talk about yourself and your professional growth ? 

After graduating in Business Administration at Bocconi, I was involved in auditing at KPMG in Milan and then in the M&A sector at ​​IBM. 

In 2000, during the so-called new economy, I worked for one of the first European Venture Capital funds, FinTech, and I moved on as a CFO of a brilliant technology company which was being listed and finally partially acquired by a big tech. 

At the end I obtained the MBA Executive and founded yourCFO, which has now become YOURgroup, the leader Italian company for fractional executive, the first one in Italy. 

What are the hardest challenges for you? 

At the beginning of my career I was always traveling the world despite the fact that my family is very important for me. That’s why my hardest challenge was and is still to combine professional and private life. 

Which are the most important skills to focus on more mainly today? 

Continuing training, networking and personal branding, as I wrote in my book: Fractional Manager – a new profession for evolving companies 

How important have your studies and your first experiences been? 

Fundamental. University thaught me how to build my career and my professional relationships. It originated my opportunities first in KPMG and then in a Venture Capital fund, so that I wrote my thesis on this very topic. 

Why did you join the CAB, what would you like to convey to its students? 

My many interesting experiences have led to the creation of my own company, which is doing very well in the market, both in Italy and abroad. In the past the lack of experience, impetuosity and the desire to emerge quickly have caused me to make some mistakes. I would like other people to avoid that as a way of giving back

Andrea is one among the many prestigious members from top international and national companies, which today make up the RBS CAB with 81 Members. Discover who they are by clicking here.