Alessio Postiglione Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana

Alessio Postiglione, Program Director and Professor of the Master in Political Marketing and Communication has been elected Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana one of the highest nominations of the orders of the Italian Republic.

The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (OMRI) was born with the aim of rewarding merits acquired towards the Nation in the field of letters, arts, economics and in social, philanthropic and humanitarian activities, as well as for long and reported services in civil and military careers.

The honor is awarded by the President of the Republic as his own initiative and no one can receive for the first time an honor higher than that of a Cavaliere (Knight). Made exceptions for certain special situations, expressly established by law. No one can be awarded, for the first time, with a higher honor than a Cavaliere. For merits of reported importance and for reasons of international courtesy, the President of the Republic may award honors other than the proposal and opinion required by the law. 

Always active in the Rome Business School’s activities, Alessio Postiglione is one of our representative lecturers. Politically and socially engaged he represents for the school and for the country an example of Italian spirit and values not only on a business level but also ethically and morally. We are proud to have Alessio Postiglione as the teacher of one of our most popular courses the Master in Political Marketing and Communication, a representative figure committed to the growth, progress and innovation of Italy both Nationally and Internationally!

Congratulations Cavaliere Alessio Postiglione!

From the Rome Business School Team!

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