Rome Business School is happy to meet students and lecturer On Campus

The learning journey together will continue on campus in September. It is time to enjoy the classroom experience, meet the classmates, the professors and the staff with safety and commitment to health of the others with a specific RBS’s protocol. We have never stopped our activity thanks to our experience in distance learning and our passion and commitment for education. 

Rome Business School has been working since the beginning of the health crisis with the aim of protecting the health of the students, teachers and staff, and guaranteeing the continuity of academic activity. 

More than 600 students from 150 countries have continued their training exclusively online during the weeks of confinement. We were ready because we are expert in distance learning thanks to our experience, our blended didactic methodology, our technological platforms and interactive solution and thanks to our prepared professors and staff. We are member of Planeta Formacion y Universidades, leader in on line Higher education and we were ready since the beginning. 

Now, it is time to enjoy the learning experience On Campus. From September, we will be happy to meet students and professors on campus respecting all the necessary health, academic, technological and logistical protocols. We have designed and implemented a specific Rome Business School’s protocol.

We will follow not only the guidelines suggested by the World Health Organization, the European Union and the Italian Government. We want more for the safety of the Rome Business School’s community. Not only good habits to adopt but also shared rules to ensure the maximum security on campus. 

We have designed 10 measures to ensure the maximum safety on campus. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Continuous cleaning and sanitization of the campus;
  2. Continuous cleaning and sanitization of the air filters and natural ventilation;
  3. Hand sanitizer dispensers;
  4. Protective Masks;
  5. Classrooms safety security distance; seats will be marked accordingly. Class times in adjacent classrooms will be scheduled so that students do not coincide in the corridors and communal areas before or after their classes;
  6. Temperature measurement at the entrance for student, staff and professors;
  7. Elevator will be used on an individual basis only;
  8. Health Questionnaire. Students and professors will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire in order to ascertain the state of their health;
  9. Protective plastic screen are fitted to staff workstation to protect them and the students;
  10. Rome Business School’s team is prepared and trained to ensure the students and professors security but we need the individual commitment to the health from each of our learning community; 

Information Brochures on health and sanitary measures, and behaviors to be kept to minimize risk will be handed out on campus by our student service. 


“We are looking forward to welcoming our students in Rome – says Antonio Ragusa, dean and founder of the Rome Business School – and finally meeting them in person. Despite the pandemic, thanks to our advanced approach to online education, we have been able to create a good learning experience for all, but it is great to go back to normal life and deliver our courses also on campus. Our students, coming from all over the world, have demonstrated a strong commitment and engagement in their studies during the lockdown, so we are particularly happy that now we have the possibility to meet them in Eternal City and fully enjoy face-to-face interaction. The Rome Business School is ready to serve its students in a perfectly safe environment, and fully support them to become Better managers for a Better world”. 

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