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Company Visit with Elizabet Spina director of the Women’s sector of A.C. Milan

Elisabet Spina introduces the women’s section of AC Milan to the students of the Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management. Football coach and former. Italian footballer, she is responsible for the women’s sector of Milan after having been playing mainly in the Italian football championship, in A Serie.

At the age of 33, she obtained the UEFA License that allows her to coach a men’s team in Lega Pro, including the youth teams, and assist coaches of Serie A and B. From the early 2000s she assumed the role of director of the Milan youth center in Capezzano, alternating the activities of manager, coach and footballer, still working at Reggiana.

In 2018 she was appointed head of the women’s sector of Milan and of the external football schools and of it’s training and research center.

What is the Milan Football Association? better known as A.C. Milan or even Milan, is an Italian football club founded in 1899 with headquarters in the city of Milan. The team has played in the Serie A of the Italian football championship since its introduction in the season, where it played almost permanently: from there, in fact, it participated in 87 single-group Serie A championships out of 89.

A milestone in the Italian football history, Milan represents a set of high values ​​not only of business but also of ethical and moral values. Home of footballers, coaches and professionals from different parts of the world, tenacity distinguishes the perfect functioning of the team.

From here our Sports students learn how working hard everyday, leads to results sometimes beyond their expectations. An important lesson is that of Elizabet Spina, an example not only of professional excellence but also of cutting edge on gender issues. A successful woman in one of the sectors still considered highly masculine, football. A further opening for the leader of tomorrow towards a balanced reality enriched by diversity and innovation

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