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Eight reasons to choose the Rome Business School’s MBA

The course features include:

1. Training excellence

MBA is taught by Ph.D. graduates and seasoned professionals from all management and consultancy fields. All of them are outstanding lecturers with many years of teaching experience under their belts and love teaching and interacting with students.


2. International reach

By attending the Rome Business School’s MBA and thanks to the unique international network offered by the school, you will get an exclusive opportunity to learn about several countries’ markets in depth and enter a global dimension.


3. Fluid exchange with the business community as well as with local cultural institutions

The MBA course will include visits to service and manufacturing firms, corporate testimonials and a combination of cultural experiences (museums, concerts and shows) for all those students interested in expanding their horizons.


4. Learning formulas for any preference

The Rome Business School’s MBA can be attended in either one of these three formulas: full-time (daily lectures in Rome); executive (lectures in alternate weekends); by distance learning (you study at home, with the assistance of a personal tutor and periodical live online lectures). Whatever is your personal preference or need, you will find the right solution for you.


5. Seamless use of online and offline techniques

The MBA course makes intensive and seamless use of collaborative communication technologies along with traditional in-classroom approaches.


6. Foundation courses as a basis for specialization MBA courses

The Rome Business School has built its MBA courses from the ground up, starting from universal foundation courses, which combine traditional management techniques with entrepreneurial and creative idea generation perspectives, all the way to specific electives in the fields of finance, marketing, human resources management and international business.


7. Career – service

During and after completion of your MBA, the Rome Business School will constantly support you in achieving the career growth you desire with a wealth of services.


8. A unique cultural environment and programme

Rome is the cradle of a millennial civilization that has always inspired and amazed the world. It provides a unique cultural setting in which students can enjoy a culturally rich experience while participating in a course which offers world class teaching and a global experience. If you decide to take your MBA in Rome, you will have the opportunity to live and experience the beauty it offers, also thanks to a special programme aimed at enhancing your business creativity and innovation through the stimuli of art.


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