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International MBA Rome - Silicon Valley

The scope of the program’s experience is to create leaders who know themselves, know and understand how business works and will work in the future and unleash their leadership potential to build a team and solve global business challenges and problems. It transforms students into leaders and professionals with an additional 1 week bootcamp in the Silicon Valley, in the USA.

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Formula Full time
Method On Campus
Language English
Intake April 2023
Enrollment 89%
Available seats 11
Scholarship valid until June 16th
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International MBA Rome – Silicon Valley Overview

The program is real business transformational journey. The learning is case based, hands on, enriched with Playful approach for serious learning such as: role plays, business simulation game.

The Rome Business School MBA Rome – Silicon Valley program is designed for young graduates who like to kick start their career and make an impact. This MBA is an intensive and demanding program, integrated with Business Practice experience, when students put theory into practice and enter in the business world ready to make an impact

Reason why to choose our International MBA Rome - Silicon Valley

Business Practice lab with Coca-Cola HBC Italy

You will collaborate with the managers to create a product launch strategy and a company-wide digital marketing strategy during the Business Practice lab with Coca-Cola HBC Italy. You will have the chance to assume the role of the CEO in the business simulation game, manage a fictitious business, and implement a competitive strategy.​

Career Accellerator Program

Salary Increase 36% - Design your professional profile a customised Career Acceleration Program created especially to mould each student's professional profile and make them competitive figures in the contemporary labour market. You will have access to individual career guidance meetings, workshops focusing on the newest hot topics in relation to job searching and career networking, and our exclusive events to ensure the best start or a great boost in your career.

Start in Rome end in the Silicon Valley​

Receive international education experience that can not be found anywhere else in Italy.​ Complete a 1 week bootcamp program directly in the USA in the Silicon Valley, designed exclusively for the MBA class. In the Bootcamp, students accompanied by a coach, will develop a Business Report present it at the end and in addition, visit the brightest start up minds in the Silicon Valley: Google, Linkedin, Amazon Web Services and become innovative leaders​

Individual MBA Coaching Program​

Maximize your performance by realising your full potential. Students who enrol in the International MBA coaching programme will have the chance to work with two specialised coaches, Fabio Pisi Vitagliano and Veronica Schmidt, to improve their professional and personal skills in order to advance their career paths and increase their marketability.

Customize your MBA based on your career interests and passion

Choose among 4 specific areas to specialize your knowledge, if you like to manage emerging technologies, if you like to seize innovation, if you like to become more versatile by getting industry knowledge or build disruptive skills for a global business scenario and impact. ​

Virtual Coffee with CEOs

Network with top CEOs and learn what it takes to excel in your career Develop networking skills by meeting top CEOs and learning from their success stories. Students can attend 2 Virtual Coffee sessions with leading CEOs, during which they can ask questions, inquire about career interests and roadblocks, ask about the keys to career success and network with a variety of open, experienced professionals

Shape your professional path through 4 pillars:

True link with companies

An international network of partner companies that will directly impact the students academic experience through the Business Practice LAB, Company visits, in class exercises and exclusive lecturers that will approach the theoretical contents of the master to the current professional reality.


Rome Business School is proudly the most international business school in Italy. Everyday we are capable to immerse our students in a stimulating environment, thanks to our international faculty. our class with mixed ethnicity and our exclusive experience: Bootcamps. Students will have the opportunity to participate in bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Paris, Qatar, Lagos, Rome and Tuscany.

Professional Impact

Our goal is to have a true impact on our students professional career, both through the academic and through our Career Services. In addition to the lectures, our Masters provide different services to build our students profile through a structured Career Services, company meetings from top international companies, Company Shadowing or Individual Coaching sessions and a soft skills programs.

Higher Purpose

Following our motto, Better Managers for a Better World, we believe in managers that build businesses with a higher purpose. For that, we will train leaders to be responsible and innovative, and to drive change in society starting within their own companies.

Among our partners


Program: International MBA Rome Silicon -Valley

The International MBA Rome – Slicon Valley programme’s goal is to develop young professionals with the managerial abilities needed to be innovative global leaders who drive change, transform businesses and people, and possess a growth mindset. They will advance in their careers, take on more responsibility within an organization, or start their own business.

Understand Business Inside Out

During the first module of the MBA, students will acquire core management skills to enhance your professional career.

Students in this module will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Business Government and Global Economy:the aim of this module is to analyze the key factors that affect the competitive position of a nation by investigating the economic forces that drive trade integration and how globalization is changing the macroeconomic scenario
  • Strategic Management and Competitive Strategies:This module will show students how a business views itself in its ‘totality’ and in the context of its environment. The module will be taught from the perspective of a manager or chief executive officer and will enable students to create competitive strategies.
  • Project and Operations Management: this module aims to provide participants with those concepts and tools whilst both covering the basics of traditional PM and familiarizing students with the most recently invented approaches to PM and operations.
  • Global Marketing Management: after attending the lecture and studying, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of major issues and be able to give solutions related to international marketing management, apply skills in researching and analyzing trends in global markets and in modern marketing practices
  • Digital Marketing and Metrics: the digital marketing & metrics module focuses on two topics: the techniques and tools necessary to reach customers through digital channels such as email and social media; and Marketing Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), measurable values that are used by marketing teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all marketing channels.
  • Accounting and Budgeting: this module will define key terms such as ROI, EBIT, and GAAP. It will also provide an understanding of financial statements, budgets, forecasting techniques, purchasing decisions, and laws that regulate the handling and dissemination of financial information. 
Focusing and specializing

During the second module of the International MBA, students will learn:

  • Entrepreneurial Business Plan: The focus of this module lies in understanding how entrepreneurs create economic and social value by tapping into new opportunities. The module explores entrepreneurial approaches employed by corporation managers when confronted with complex problems and emerging opportunity situations.
  • People and Talent Management: this module is designed to help students understand how digitalization impacts HR Management, how HR as a function can become more digital and how HR can help drive business outcomes in a digital age.
  • Financial Management: this module will give students the opportunity to analyze financial statements and interpret financial information, produce financial reports, assess financial risk and develop risk-reduction strategies, manage budgets and cash flow, and predict future financial trends.
  • Operations and Performance Management: This module provides the knowledge and methodology to enable participants to understand the nature and importance of supply chain management, operations and performance management and how – by managing the flow of products, information and supply networks – companies can satisfy the needs of their customers.
  • Managerial Data Science and Business Analytics: students will gain practical hands-on experience with statistics programming languages and big data tools through coursework and applied research experiences.
Drive change and innovation for Global Business Immersion 

During the third module of the MBA, students will learn:

  • Global Business Immersion and Leadership: This module is designed to increase the awareness of culture and how communication styles impact global business and leadership. Students will learn about the advanced communication skills needed to lead colleagues in a global context, and they will learn how to expand a business internationally to carry out cross-cultural management.
  • The Future of Business and Disruptive Innovation: this module covers the future of businesses and the meaning and implications of disruptive innovation, with a special focus on new technologies, virtual reality, design thinking and the impact of disruptive innovation. 
Why Electives?

The mission of Rome Business School is to prepare future managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to capitalize on the benefits of digitalization, go global, and make a positive impact on society.

Electives are excellent tools for students to boost their employability by focusing on in-demand skills.

  • Electives help students carve out their own niche and become more competitive.
  • Electives expose students to courses they might not have otherwise encountered.
  • Electives offer a unique curriculum that fosters life and career skills.​
  • Electives are divided in 4 main area of interest: Innovation and Growt, Tech and Digitalization, Industry- Focused, International Business
Practice Lab | In partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Italia

Students will immerse themselves in 10 hours of hands-on workshop, where theoretical concepts will be put into practice and learning will occur through experience.

In partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Italia


A new way to practice business!​

Business Simulations are innovative and engaging managerial tools, which allow to reproduce the dynamics and logic of a business​.
Students face a common competitive situation, stimulating and boosting their managerial, decision-making and relational skills​.
Each team (from 3 to 5 students) leads a virtual company, implementing a competitive strategy with the aim to maximize the market value of their company.

The Business Simulation is composed of a number of rounds (3 to 6): each round simulates six months of operability of the company on the market.​
The consistency between decisions and available resources, strategic planning, analysis of results and evaluation of competitors are the key elements that determine the winning team.​

An educational experience

You will have the chance to showcase your skills at the end of your educational experience by taking on a genuine business challenge. Make use of your skills to spot opportunities and create a strategy that is genuinely innovative.

Take on a real business challenge. You can work in a small group to develop a marketing strategy for a new company, a plan to boost online sales, or a loyalty programme tailored to different generations.

Two case studies from two different businesses will be given to you to put your master’s course knowledge to the test.

Previous years’ experiences 

The Practical Challenge:

Create a Market analysis of organic fertilizers in Africa, by areas: players/competitors, market size and trends, market differentiation and positioning.

The MBA Rome –
Silicon Valley Experience

Interactive and dynamic classes
offered fully on campus in
Rome, empowered by career
and entrepreneurship services,
to prepare students to kick off
their careers.
A full time transformational
journey, integrated with
Business Practice experience,
where students put theory into

Rome Business School International Bootcamps experiences

Big Careers Begin with Big Moves,
experience an international experience
in Silicon Valley

Once in a lifetime dual international experience
Rome and Silicon Valley
Receive international educational experience that
cannot be found anywhere else in Italy.
Start in Rome end in the Silicon Valley
Complete a one week bootcamp program directly in the USA
in the Silicon Valley, designed exclusively for the MBA class.

In the Bootcamp, students accompanied by a coach, will develop a Business Report present it at the end and in addition, visit the brightest start up minds in the Silicon Valley: Google, LinkedIn,
Amazon Web Services and become innovative leaders.


Highly qualified international university professors, trainers, and business managers with a variety of operational and professional backgrounds—from merchandiser to lawyer, from entrepreneurship to coach and speaker—teach the International MBA Rome-Silicon Valley at Rome Business School. The teaching strategy is designed to help students learn the knowledge or skills that are currently in demand in the workplace.

Antonio Scialletti

Program Director

Nearly 30 years of strategy consulting projects worldwide, living and working in USA (Boston and Seattle) for 4 years, 8 years in Milano, Italy in Deloitte, and 8 years in Shanghai, China where he was CEO of GEA Consulenti di Direzione SpA Asian subsidiary. Strategy and business development senior advisor for internationalization projects.

Presently Strategy Director & Project Leader for LIFE Project at SBS Group Varese, Italy, and MBA Program Director & Strategy Professor at Rome Business School.

Graduated with MBA from Boston University, USA, and got a Laurea/MSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.

Marshall Langer Financial Expert

A native of Miami, Florida, Marshall received his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has additionally taken extensive graduate coursework in counselling psychology at New York University. Marshall enjoyed a 12-year career in diverse business and finance sectors in the U.S. and Europe. He has worked on Wall Street on investment banking and risk arbitrage for firms like Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette as well as in trading for BNP Paribas. He further worked in the areas of corporate management, marketing strategy, management consulting, and real estate. Marshall has also taught at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Fordham University, University of Connecticut, Luiss University, and The American University of Rome. Marshall authored UN agency FAO Course guide: Fundamentals of International Business Management, Rome, 2006 and co-author of Leveraged Buyouts, Rome, Kappa, 2012.

membri del cab foto_cab daniele maver
Daniele Maver Former CEO

Jaguar Land Rover

Josephine Luzon Professor John Cabot University

PhD in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix; Finance Manager at Bioversity International since 1993, where she is responsible for the management of Bioversity’s financial resources. She manages the daily operations of the finance, accounting, budgeting and travel operations of the institute. ; Bioversity International is a CGIAR Research Centre, a global research partnership for a food-secure future, and works in collaboration with he International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Leila Nawel Chentouf Economics and International Cooperation Expert

Dr. Leila Chentouf holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Paris X. She also has a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Oran in Algeria, and a master's degree in international economics and finance from Paris X Nanterre University in France. Dr. Chentouf is an expert in international cooperation with MENA countries and has extensive experience working with and for the European Commission. She is a diplomatic representative to the United Nations. Dr. Chentouf teaches economics at several universities and business schools. In addition, Dr. Chentouf acts as Business Developer for the continued expansion of educational operations abroad.

Ieva Jakobsone Co-founder esiLV

Has held different teachingpositions at various unviersity. Has co-founded a non-profit organization - esiLV, economic cooperation and investments foundation, A non-profit organization providing a network platform to connect the Latvian diaspora worldwide with the Latvian enterprises interested in the internationalization and to develop an active dialogue between the Latvian government and the Latvian diaspora on global economic and business issues and opportunities, as well as country branding perspective. Among her previous experiences, she held the position of a Counselor to Economic and Commercial Affairs at the Ministry of Economics., Head of Representative Office in China, and  Member of the Supervisory BoardMember of the Supervisory Board European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.

veronika-schmid-linkedin webp
Veronika Schmid Founder and Vicepresident

Veronika began her career as a consultant at IBM (Italy) and has worked in various sectors such as finance, energy, defense, and intergovernmental organizations. She founded her own human resources consulting service in the Middle East, focusing on personal skills.  A few years ago she moved to Washington D.C. where she graduated from Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching program and founded 2ndStep, which focuses on Leadership Coaching. For the past 15 years, Veronika has been intensely committed to her personal and professional development, using her vast experience to best serve her clients. She has lived and worked in 8 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America. 

Andrea Ciceri Founder & President SenseCatch

After obtaining a Ph.D. in neuromarketing and consumer psychology, he founded SenseCatch. SenseCatch is an innovative consulting firm specializing in neuroscience and human behavior, with expertise in areas such as marketing (web, product, packaging, store, advertising and communication, branding, entertainment), human performance (soft skills, sports and job performance, wellness, personal empowerment, biofeedback), education, and health and safety, helping companies improve their business. Works to enable companies to access detailed, accurate, and increasingly objective market and human behavior data.

Dean Rakic Chief Scientist - IT & Blockchain

Doctor of Business Administration with more than 25 years of detailed knowledge of IT and software architecture, project monitoring and project controlling with the identification, analysis, measurement, and control of project risks. He’s currently Chief Scientist at TAAL, a blockchain service provider.

Your Mentors

Corporate Advisory Board

The Corporate Advisory Board, one of the key participants in the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the range of Management Training programmes offered by the Rome Business School, personifies the collaborative spirit between the academic and practical management spheres.

Rome Business School, which is made up of 87 Leaders, Managers, and Professionals from Important Sectors of National and International Businesses, activates a process of Continuously Updating its Training Programs through the Corporate Advisory Board, Relying on Numerous Business Interactions and Inputs Provided by the Members of the Committee in the Annual Meetings and Discussions with the School.

87 Members
14 CEO and General Management
29 Marketing and Sales Communication

Career and Entrepreneurship Services

Throughout your International MBA Rome – Silicon Valleyyou will be accompanied and supported by our Career Services team. With over 10 years’ experience in education, we help young talents and managers to build their future, guiding them along the path that best suits their capabilities, desires and professional goals.  

To give our students the best support achieving their professional objectives, we’ve structured our Career Service into two core areas:

The master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles:

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Strategic Directo
  • Financial Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Business Operations Manager

The salary of out students after the completion of our MBA increased by an average of +36%

Admission process

Rome Business School works hard to maintain the highest standard of quality in the programs we offer. That’s why, in order to ensure the eligibility of the candidates, all applicants must undergo and successfully pass a selection process structured as follows:

Evaluation of credentials
Application Confirmation
Selection Interview

The admission process is aimed to verify the candidate’s eligibility to attend the Master in Luxury and Fashion Management. The candidate’s academic history, previous experiences in the topics covered in the Master and motivation will be matters of the evaluation. Once it’s sent, the application will be evaluated by the Rome Business School’s academic committee. In order to ensure the application’s suitability, it is important to deliver all of the required documentation.

MBA: Financial Aid and Tuition


Payment of the participation fee of € 18,500 can be made in the following ways:

  • 6 interest-free installments after the course starts 
  • Installments before the course start with an additional 5% discount 
  • Single payment solution by the enrollment deadline with an additional 10% discount


Based on their personal profile, experience and proven motivation, the candidate may be awarded a scholarship to partially cover the participation fee. In fact, Rome Business School offers the most deserving candidates the opportunity to benefit from 7 different types of scholarships. These partial economic hedges can consist of 6 months of interest-free financing.

  • Early Bird Enrollment Scholarship.
  • Lifelong Learning Scholarship.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • Entrepreneurial Grant.
  • Better Managers for a Better World Scholarship.
  • Student Loan Assistance Grant.

Competition for scholarships increases as the starting date approaches and funds are limited, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. 


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One of the essential tools for managers and professionals looking to restart their careers is an MBA because it directly affects three crucial factors: responsibility, level, and salary. All three of the aforementioned areas see significant improvements in those who complete an MBA.

The International MBA programme on our campus costs €18,000 to enrol in. The price is 16,900€ if you want to take the International MBA entirely online using our e-learning system.