Working Abroad? Yes or No?

Some insights to consider if wanting to choose an international career path

Even if it might not be this the right moment to travel around the world, you have thought about pursuing an international career experience, in the future as soon as we will live some better conditions. To this purpose in this article we will look at some of the key aspects to think about if you’re planning a future international movement. 

“Do your research” – Is very important before moving to a country, to conduce some research and deepen your knowledges on the market of your dreamed country. You might have been on holiday in London or Hong Kong or Sydney, but while this will give you a good feel for the place, there’s a lot more information you’ll need to consider before taking the decision to move oversea.

What’s the job market really like in your destination country? How mobile is the market and what is the best way to enter it? What is the living cost over there? Which are the most required skills to enter it in the best way? You can also ask a good recruiter or consultant to guide you through the choice of the best place to pursue your career abroad.

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“A lot of people are swayed by glamorous locations with reputations for their vibrant lifestyle such as Tokyo, Singapore or London, but they might not respect your necessities in terms of business sector. Look at territories where you have the potential to advance.”

If your plan is to go and work abroad for a few years to then coming back to your home country, make sure that you are not applying for roles that requires a longer stay or too niche, make sure that you don’t have a role that is too locally specialized to not have an equivalent in your home country. If we can suggest you there are the technical roles like, digitalization, IT, digital marketing and ecommerce, the skills are usually very transferrable and constantly object of demand on the job market, if you are going to look for a more specialized position, is important to get as much information as possible to make suitable for both the situation, in your country and in the destination one.

Don’t get too suck on a specific role when looking for an overseas career move, don’t’ get stuck on trying to find exactly the job of your dreams, any kind of career can make you grow and get you closer to your professional goals, the secret is on how you navigate within the event and on how good you are on spotting the right opportunities, in this case following the suggestion of your mentors can guide you through the right path.

It’s not just your destination that could change radically when you make an international move, you will probably need as well to be able to wear many hats, act on your own initiative, and get your hands dirty. It’s a tough challenge but if you can report on delivering a positive outcome – for example, ‘I hit the company target and helping a start-up team to become a fully operational unit in 12 months’ – you will have gained not only anexceptional experience but also significantly boosted your attractiveness to hirers, both internally and externally.

So, if you are thinking to go international, look after all the conditions required and book your ticket.

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